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CMS-XML Dim10: Required attributes for Design Parts are not displayed in bold characters
When you define an attribute of a DP as required , the attribute is not displayed in bold in the Deskctop Client in the "Edit Attribute " function
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
... size to the required extent is used ... SPAC – Display RDBMS Database Space ... ... of the following form will be displayed : It is mandatory that database files ... ... _TAB=<DefaultTablespace>] - [/TEMP_TAB=<TemporaryTablespace>] - [/[NO]SECURE] – [/[NO]PASSWORD_SAVE] - [/ ATTRIBUTES =(group_id=<group_id>,site=<site>,- Dept=<dept>,full_name=<fullname>, ...
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: Unable to create a baseline with mandatory attributes
Expected Result Attribute is displayed and value accepted, baseline can be created. Actual Result
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: No red exclamation mark(s) for mandatory attribute(s) in Dimensions I-Net 7.2
Red exclamation mark(s) for mandatory attribute (s) are sometimes missing when viewing an item or change document attribute
CMS-XML Block Attributes displayed incorrectly depending on attribute update rules
For example, a block attribute called BLOCK_1, consisting of several single- field , multi-valued attributes (COL_1, COL_2, COL_3 and COL_4) is created and then attribute update rules are added making several of the "middle" attributes mandatory and updateable: COL_1 has no update rule applied COL_2 is visible and mandatory for $ORIGINATOR, from state $TO_BE_DEFINED
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Reported Defect DEF106541: Attribute display does not refresh in Web Client when actioning
Set up 2 normal transitions, from ALLOCATED to ANALYZED and RAISED. Set up 4 attribute rules. Solution: from ALLOCATED to ANALYZED -- Required Solution: from ALLOCATED to RAISED -- Not required
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF106672: Can't define attribute rule as both optional and required
Writable: True Display : True Then create a second rule (rule B) that looks like follows:
CMS-XML DIM10: Mandatory attributes on request not registering that field has been filled in
It is possible to save the form away however, despite the presence of the red exclamation marks.
CMS-XML Dim12.2.2.4:DEF252050: Attribute mandatory for a new item revision creation does not work
Writeable at the From state Display in this role section Customer dbase is LDA:
CMS-XML DIM10: Mandatory attributes not always being populated when creating requests
Now define an attribute update role on the same attribute but this time for the role required on the first transition. The rule should not contain a From or To state and should not be mandatory or writable. This should mean that the user with the role can just view the contents of the attribute .
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