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Please visit our products downloads page to obtain documentation on your product. For particular articles regarding your issue, try making your search more specific.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
Goal: To enable SSO enabled product to login using SBM SSO without requiring the user to exist in the SBM database .
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R2: Reported Bug: UTF-8 characters are broken with ALF event in SBM (UNICODE)
2.1. Use UNICODE database (MBCS database is not supporting full range of UTF-8 characters);
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: alf_events_config.xml contents prevent SBM-CM orchestration from working
2012/02/23 11:09:56 UTC 94.630000 T3112 ALF: CALFConfig::IsEventRequired: no Database : "CM_TYPICAL@HOSTNAME-ORA11" Project: "QLARIUS:TEST1"
PDF Dimensions 14.2: REST API Getting Started Guide
... Specify a specific database on the URL ........................................... ... ......................................... 5 Step 7: Use SBM to access the ...
CMS-XML CM and DA Integrations and Experts - CM 14.4
SBM Plugin ... Database Management Plugins
CMS-XML Dim: SSO: Enabling SSO to work with silent connections PDIFF: PRG7700110E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials
Configuring CM to use SSO out of the box with SBM as the authentication. ... Failed to connect to database
CMS-XML Dim: 14.2 CM REST API Getting Started Tutorial
Step 6: Specify a specific database on the URL Step 7: Use SBM to access the REST API
CMS-XML Dimensions CM 2009R2.06 for Win32, Win64 and Red Hat Linux
1.0 Defects Fixed in this Patch DEF201522 Replication fails if delegated user not in receiving database (server) ... DEF193268 UTF-8 characters are broken with ALF event in SBM (server) ... DEF201654 Web service call not returning data to SBM (server)
MS-WORD S141322 Dim14 Upgrade Checklist.docx
SBM SSO Server. If using an existing SBM SSO Server, you will need to know the SBM Server name to connect to and the port number. If using multiple Serena products, it is recommended that the SBM SSO Server is used. The STS certificate from the SBM SSO Server will be need to be exported as a pem file, sts.pem, so that it can be imported into Dimensions CM. ... Recalculating the database statistics after the database upgrade and the VRS upgrades.
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