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CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : z/os build => MDHTPL1602028E variable is not suitable for being saved
* not a character string This is consistent with the program (the rexx program called SERENA - assembled in memory so cannot just be located and sent) not having run. It's alost most likely that transferring the source template from windows to z/os library has go awry.
CMS-XML Dim10 - How to write and build a trigger.
How triggers applications work Assumptions made, Dimensions executables (including pcmsmake) and VC++ are in the PATH and all the relevant environment variables have been set up correctly (e.g. INCLUDE, LIBRARY etc.) Start a command prompt Navigate to the %DM_ROOT%\pcms_api\examples directory
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to preserve a generated library in PCMS without preserving the object files using PCMS MAKE
Be warned that you may get unexpected rebuilds if the library is built in more than one build area. PCMSMake uses the absolute pathname when checking for changes in uncontrolled dependencies, so an external dependency with a different absolute path will appear to have changed, even if it is a copy of the original file. On Windows NT, this is easy to manage by mapping a local drive as the " build drive".
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
The converse is true with the traditional approach to library maintenance. The object files must be explicit targets in this case, so the disk space requirements are high. The advantage is that the library is updated in a single operation, which will save considerable time, especially with large libraries .
CMS-XML Dim: How to configure Dimensions Build to save temp files rather than to delete them
Often, while researching a problem with a particular build or build script, it is necessary to review the temp files that build creates and removes on the fly.
CMS-XML Dim 14.1 Admin Console -- icons disappear when clicking OK to save changes in Build Configuration
Logon to Admin Console, select Build Administration Select existing Build Configuration, check it out if needed.
CMS-XML DimCM: Build: "Fetch failed for file: Error: Could not write input file (download)" error when user tries to build from a baseline
When trying to run a Build of a baseline Dimensions returns the following error: "Fetch failed for file: Error: Could not write input file (download)" The above error occurred with Dimensions CM 14.3.2 but may occur in previous versions.
CMS-XML DIM CM 14.3.2: Successful Build capture unchanged target into DIM and Local Metadata not being written on first collection
Execute the following build command :
CMS-XML Dim10: Build: Capture reports - "Preservation of the target ignored - "
4. Run a second Build, however the EXE is not captured as only EXE Version 1 exists and no EXE Version 2. The following is returned in the capture stage of the Build "Preservation of the target ignored - <Relative path to the workarea path>"
CMS-XML KM DimCM: Preservation policy can miss rules for Z/OS builds
KM DimCM: Preservation policy can miss rules for Z/OS builds
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