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CMS-XML DimCM: Pulse: Moving Pulse schema or data from one server to another
We moved our Pulse schema or database from one server to another. Is there anything that needs to be fixed and/or done within the database so that it uses the new server location?
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to move item libraries to new server
How to move item libraries to new server Copy the item library directories from the original server to the same path on the new machine. For Dimensions 7.2
CMS-XML Dim cm: after moving Dimensions server and item library to a new machine, browse item no longer works for delta library storage
Reason was user used DPL command to update the servername and path of Item Library definition on the new server but without specifying /DELTA option in DPL command. Hence, item library was not set-up as delta storage one.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to move Oracle database files from existing server to another and separate them into multiple file systems.
The instructions begin with moving the installation from one server to another and creating a new empty database. The database is exported from the source installation using the COMPRESS=Y option, and is then imported into the target system. Once this is complete, the database files are then moved between volumes.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.4 : With Dimensions cm server and Postgres installed on Linux, how to move Dimensions cm tablespaces in a new location?
1_ login as root 2_ stop Dimensions server (dmshutdown) 3_ stop postgres
MS-WORD How to move an installation from one server to another
Make the appropriate size changes and save file. Once the changes have been saved, you will connect to Oracles Server Manager (SVRMGRL in UNIX, SVRMGR23 in NT Oracle7 series, SVRMGRL in Oracle8) and shutdown the database currently running on the new machine. SVRMGR>connect internal
CMS-XML DMCM: How to move a base database from one server to another using EXPDP and IMPDP utilities
When complete, register the new base database using the dmpasswd command as follows: dmpasswd <basedb>@<dsn> -add -pwd <basedb> The final steps are then to connect to Admin Console in the target system and add an entry for the base database against the new server node , and then update the item library pointers for the products in the base database.
CMS-XML SLM: How do I activate my license for, or move (rehost) my existing license keys to a new license server?
Simply copying the licenses from the old system, or not doing anything after a virtual machine is moved, will render the existing licenses invalid. Without valid licenses the SLM server cannot launch, and as result products trying to use this sever will throw errors like:
CMS-XML DIM10: How to move Dimensions installation to different directory
Dimensions server has been installed on a customer's 'C' drive, but it has insufficient free space. What steps are necessary to move the installation to a different drive.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Changing the Domain Authentication for a Server
The steps for changing how Dimensions authenticates are: 1) If the server name will remain the same, and there is currently no specific domain authentication, then simply move the server . 2) If the server name will remain the same, and domain authentication is currently enabled (or will be enabled): A) If the new domain is trusted, move the server without setting the DM_LOGON_DOMAIN variable, as Dimensions will work it's way through each trusted domain to authenticate.
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