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CMS-XML Dimensions does not provide a mail notification for new item creation or new item revision check-in.
In Dimensions CM 12.x and earlier, it is possible to subscribe to an email notification when a user exports an item revision into a project. However, there is no email notification for when a user creates a new item or item revision within a project. It is possible to receive an email when an item is pending for the user, however, with items in the initial lifecycle stage, the item revision will only pend for the $ORIGINATOR.
CMS-XML Dim CM 9.1.0: No mail sent on baseline creation
A pending list contains objects which are currently waiting on that user for further action. An object is added to a user’s pending list when it is actioned to a state in which the user has a role to action it on to the next state. When the object is added to a user’s pending list, the user automatically receives notification in an e-mail message."
CMS-XML Dim: Mail: Debugging communications issues between pcmsmail client and SMTP mail server
On Windows systems, the default SMTP mail client is pcmsmail.exe. This program is included with Dimensions CM installations on Windows. If the mail notification file seems to be created without incident and the mail is not being delivered, use these steps to debug any issues with the actual sending of the mail message.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:21018-WS_NO_CREATE_MFILE Error: Cannot create mail file %s
KM-Dim9:21018-WS_NO_CREATE_MFILE Error: Cannot create mail file %s
CMS-XML Dim10: Can one create their own email events in Dimensions 10?
Adding mail events is not available in Dimensions. The admin can configure the already created email events to specify which users or group e-mail messages are sent to.
CMS-XML KM DimCM: Email notifications for create/delete user do not show affected user now, (using create_user_notification.tplt template)
KM DimCM: Email notifications for create /delete user do not show affected user now, (using create_user_notification.tplt template)
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How To: Create Dimensions Items from Microsoft Outlook email messages (.msg files) and Preview these with Inet
Define a file format and mime type to use with the Microsoft Outlook email messages. Use the following steps to use msg files in PVCS Dimensions: Use the Process Modeler to create item type named MSG.
CMS-XML Dim10: CI does not fire 'Item added to project' mail event
Subscribe to the mail event 'Item added to project'. Create a new item (which adds it to the project) but no email notification is fired. Export an item from one project to another and the email gets sent.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Temporary mail files not deleted after Dimensions email has been sent
Pcmsmail will generally cleanup all temporary file generated during the create and action operations. However for it do so it must be called via the PCMS_MAILS variable in the pcms.cfg file.
CMS-XML Dim12: Mail: Unable to delete users subscribed to mail notification of Promote of an Item when project is deleted
1. Go into Admin Console. 2. Create a User. 3. Go to the Desktop Client, and create a Test Project. 3. Back to Admin Console and create a Mail Event for Item/Promotion of an Item for the newly created Project and the newly created user.
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