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CMS-XML Dim: LSBL command takes too long to process when there are many baselines
Customer is using a script and the command line command LSBL to retrieve the baselines in a product. They are searching for a specific baseline. The LSBL command, and subsequent processing are taking too long for their purposes.
CMS-XML Dim 12: )REP statement contains too many variables and exceeds the limit in a JCL line of 80 characters long
The following in a JCL deployment script fails as the line exceeds the limit of 80 characters per line : )REP DMFILENAME DMPRODUCT DMID DMVARIANT DMTYPE DMREVISION DMWSID DMWSPRODUCT For example, the last variable DMWSPRODUCT exceeds the 80 caracters limit.
CMS-XML DM12: The deploy script variable DMBLNID is truncated at 40 characters
A pre or post deploy script that makes use of the template variable DMBLNID to return the baseline ID, may have difficulty if the baseline ID is longer than 40 characters. When the variable is substituted, it will receive only the first 40 characters of the baseline ID.
CMS-XML DIM10: VM2DIM 2009 Migration Utility: Missing item to item relationship for long comments
The relate scripts are correctly created but they never seem to be executed by the migration utility. When running those scripts manually the relationships are created correctly.
CMS-XML Dim12.2.2:DEF254231: DMI command takes a long time to execute
After applying, you will need to create manually this new index “LDA.VDA_CSP_PK1” in “LDA.VDA_CHANGE_SET_PEDIGREE”. Create index script : CREATE INDEX LDA.VDA_CSP_PK1 ON LDA.VDA_CHANGE_SET_PEDIGREE
CMS-XML Dim10: Why does upgrading to Dimensions 10.x mean my tablespaces (esp pcms_idx) increase substantially? (upgrade takes long time)
Unpack the attached file into /tmp, edit and change SYSTEM's password and base database name to match your system, then run the shell script. The script will produce a list of all indices in the base database along with total blocks allocated/block used counts (3rd and 4th columns of the output respectively). If your system's sort utility supports numeric sorting on given column, then the list shall be ordered by total allocated block count.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Script for generating published views in one step
The field name in each case is the same as the variable_name. If the attribute has a character data type ('C'), it is retrieved as a VARCHAR2 string, and the retrieved length of the field is either the maximum length as defined through the Process Modeler Object Type Definitions | (object class) | Attributes dialog or 1978, whichever is the shorter.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Oracle tuning scripts that came with Dim8
Attached are the tuning scripts that came with Dim8 that no longer come with 9 or 10.
CMS-XML Dim: How to use perl script with Dimensions build
To resolve the problem, configure a build option DMEXECENV with a % value (see attached screen images). With this, the script is no longer executed as:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Unable to access Dimensions Web Client and/or Admin Console after running the dmstartup script
The dmstartup scripts no longer include the starting of the Tomcat server and is now moved into the Common directories and is referred to as Common Tomcat. In order to start Common Tomcat, you will need to do the following:
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