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CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : z/os batch interface MDFLCMD => how to protect the file defined in //LOGIN in order to nobody can see its contents ?
... your RACF administration group . ... the command : AD 'dataset. ... ... will block all users except the owning user from any access ... ... capabilities have been removed from you by ... ... GENERIC on the AD command. You can then extend this access to specific individuals (foo, bar) or groups (grpfoo) using permit 'dataset.**' ... or if your technical user has a default group for which a user has Group SPECIAL then those users can alter the protecting profile to allow themselves access - but this activity will be auditable via SMF logging.
PDF Upgrading from Dimensions 6.0 to 7.0
... However, major groups of files ( ... ... / ocommon/ ldap / plsql/ ...  On UNIX platforms if you have previously installed Dimensions 7.0 on your server and have subsequently uninstalled it, then please ensure that the following directory has been deleted . ... Refer to Appendix C, “ De-Installing Windows Dimensions” and the README file for any operating system prerequisites that must be met, such as kernel configuration, prior to installing Oracle 8.1.7. ... 2 Database writer process (dbw0) may terminate with:
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Role Assignments not updated correctly when removing a user from a group
PROD_B:PROD_B.A;1 PROD_C:PROD_C.A;1 As user DMSYS, or relevant Dimensions ADMIN user , create a project in PROD_C and add an item to it.
CMS-XML Dim10: build config associated to work area interferes with add users/groups
You'll see a message saying: Warning: The area WORK is in use, updating the properties of this area may change the results of your builds. Press OK again to update the area or press Cancel
CMS-XML Dim CM 14.3.x: Cannot delete role assignment following upgrade - PCM00055065E Error: User role assignment does not exist
To work around this problem add a role assignment for the user to a group . This will create an additional entry where the username is blank. This is expected and is required for other group role assignment operations.
CMS-XML Dim10: Text of Pop-up Window misleading when removing role assignments from one User
Administration Console: 1. Creating a group 2. Adding users to this group
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: What does last updated by column under groups in the Admin Console mean?
This simply displays the last user which was added / removed from the group specified in the group column.
CMS-XML : mail events : warning the user/group ... has already been subscribed to this not
2) the group or the user has been successfully added. Then when redisplaying the dialog box to add or remove subscriber then the user or group previously added still appear in the "Available group " list rather than to be displayed in list " Groups to subscribe"
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : PRG4500325E Error: User authentication failed - LDAP port not configured
In this case, this occurs because there is a trailing space following the value of the LDAP_PORT parm in the dm.cfg file of the server which generates this error. Remove the extra character at the end of the line "LDAP_PORT xxx", restart Dimensions and try again.
CMS-XML DimCM - Error: You do not have the Manage Users and Group Definitions privilege(ADMIN_USERMAN) to perform this operation
3. Under Administrative Privileges, select 'Manager Users and Groups' privilege. 4. Check to see if you are in a group that has an Explicit Deny specified in addition to the default Explicit Grant rule for the ADMIN group , and remove the Explicit Deny. 5. This will restore your Admin privileges.
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