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CMS-XML Dim12: Evemt does not list attribute as changed if new value matches value from previous revision on check-in
If attributes for an item type are defined as: Stored per revision, default as specified and the default for the attribute is null
CMS-XML Dim10: Field values missing from print of change request
If you double-click on the change request and then click the 'Print' button at the top of the document all the field values are printed correctly. However, if you right-click on the change request and then select 'Print', the print does not contain the values against the fields Title, Change description and Severity, even though the headings are printed.
CMS-XML DimCM: Desktop Client: When performing an edit of multi-value attributes on multiple requests, is there a way to append all attributes instead of overwriting them?
In order to append the attributes instead of overwriting them, enabling a preference in the Desktop Client is needed. To do this, here's what need to do on EACH workstation: 1. Log into the Desktop Client.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Blank line inserted in the Edit Attributes dialog of Requests on multi-value attribute
Log into QLARIUS_CM (or any other basedb) using Desktop Client; Open a request that has a multi- value attribute (set up six lines with values beforehand); Click as indicated in screenshot 1.
CMS-XML Dim10: Block Attribute Values Lost Switching Tabs When Edit Attributes in Web Client
To reproduce: Create a block attribute with one or more multi value attributes for an object type in admin console. Login to web client and open an object of that type by clicking the link for the object.
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1.1: "Permissions after Deliver" default value changes if error occurs
When using Deliver to update an Item the default value in the "Permissions after Deliver" field in the Synch wizard is "Keep unchanged".
CMS-XML 12.2.1 : unexpected overriden value of Date_time field in ws_items for revision 1
CMS-XML Dim10: TT2Dim: When trying to map values for a field in the TT2Dim Connector, the TT values are showing user values instead of the values expected.
Move the field from Hidden fields so that it is not hiddent. Select OK and OK to save the various changes . In addition to checking the Workflow tab, you may need to check the Projects tab for your selected Project.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: I-Net 7.0: Error: "Some required values are missing. Please fill in the fields marked with a red diamond and try again."
<td class='dialogform_td'><= HtmlTagHelper.doFieldMarkerTag(adaptor, merant.adm.dimensions.cmds.interfaces.CmdArguments.COMMENT, 1) ></td> and change the number 1 at the end of the brackets: ....COMMENT, 1)
CMS-XML DIM10: Singlefield, multivalue attributes replicate rows when role selection is changed
In the Desktop client when you have a single- field , multi- value attribute with two or more rows in it and you switch between the two roles in the roles section it will duplicate the rows displayed. Steps to recreate: 1. Create or modify an attribute on a request type to be a single field, multivalue attribute
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