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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: What are the required steps upgrading a Dimensions 7 machine from Solaris 7 to 8?
The Dimensions binaries are the same on both platforms (Sol 7 and 8) - so there is no need to re-install Dimensions. However, you should make sure that you have an adequate backup, a full system export etc.
HTML Host Requirements for Dimensions Windows Clients
Disk Space Dimensions binaries : Sun Sparc Solaris 7/8 100 Mb
CMS-XML Dim10: Is there a way to use DMCLI without a full Desktop Client installation ?
DMCLI requires the client binaries and therefore it's necessary to install a full client installation. It is not sufficient to copy the prog directory over, which is not supported.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: web client What are are native components ? What gets installed and where ? What permissions?
These native components consist of one file called <$DM_ROOT>\webtools\tomcat\webapps\dim_applet\binaries\win32\dmjweb90.dll. To perform merge and diff operations using the merge tool, they will also require the files in the merge folder, <$DM_ROOT>\webtools\tomcat\webapps\dim_applet\ binaries \win32. These four files, diff.exe, ipegenn.dll,
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Data Migration Utility hangs after second (MCX) login when executed from remote v2.7 Client.
The Dimensions server in use must have both CD1 and CD2 software components installed on the server. That is, the server components and the client components are required on a Windows server. The client CD (that is CD2) contains the PVCS TeamLink, Make and MCX relay binaries required for Data Migration Utility to be used remotely.
CMS-XML Dim9: How to Setup Views for Reporting in Dimensions
3) Create an ODBC driver to the view - Requires that the Oracle binaries are installed on the PC - Select Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Data Sources (ODBC)
MS-WORD Using an Oracle instant client 19.x CM server installation.docx
The Oracle client, which is different to the “instant client”, does contain the necessary file and folder structure. For example, this is an Oracle 19.8 instant client: Here is the new “ bin ” folder containing the required file:
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
The Control File is a small binary file containing information about the database that is required at start up. As discussed in “Additional Control Files” on page 131, multiple copies of these Control Files are recommended to be kept on separate disks to reduce the risk of a media failure removing the Control Files.
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Tuning Oracle for best performance with Dimensions
DISK1 - Oracle and Dimensions binaries ... If you have more than 16 users connecting concurrently please create the required number of additional rollback segments and add the identifiers to the rollback_segments parameter in the init<sid>.ora.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Serena ChangeMan Dimensions 9.1.2 Patch 8 for z/OS
copy them from your workstation to your MVS system, specify BINARY on ... which will require tailoring, is provided as a model for this process. ... BINARY
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