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CMS-XML "sqlerrm = ORA-20000: Unable to set values for index [index name]" errors during Data Pump import.
When users import Dimensions CM data into an Oracle 19 database via IMPDP, it may return the following messages: Processing object type DATABASE_EXPORT/STATISTICS/MARKER [index name] : sqlerrm = ORA-20000: Unable to set values for index [index name]: does not exist or insufficient privileges
CMS-XML DIm2009R2:AIWS from commandline behaves incorrectly and creates inconsistent data
1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario? AIWS misbeaves when running through dmcli allowing for the same filename to exist within the same directory in the same directory 2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error: Index [] out of range on migration wizard upload
During a Data Migration Wizard upload script generation the error: ' Index [] out of range' may be recieved. This means one of the item types specified is invalid, i.e. it does not exist in the database being uploaded to.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Moving Database Indexes to a separate Tablespace
It is sometimes desirable to place the base database tables and indexes into separate tablespaces. Sometimes this is desirable as a minor performance improvement if the corresponding datafiles are located on different physical disk drives.Separating the data from the indexes also provides an aid in keeping fragmentation down. When the indexes are periodically rebuilt, their entire tablespace can be taken offline, dropped and recreated.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: ORA-00060: Deadlock detected. More info in file trace file>
Check for missing indices
CMS-XML Dim10: VM2DIM: Warning:8019:Exception while converting string to seconds:
The console parses this text output to generate a number of seconds for the current task so that the console can calculate, estimate, and display total progress and time remaining for various tasks and for the migration process as a whole. If this warning occurs, progress indicators (progress bars and status text) may reflect inaccurate timing statistics. This will not affect the data migration itself in any way.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Baseline not limited to proper parts when using "From Top to Level" indicator.
2) Select 'File - New - Baselines' 3) Fill in all required information . 4) Under 'Part Levels', select the 'Top to' radio button and enter the number 1.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Can you set the max extent value to unlimited for indexes and tables with Oracle 8.1.7? (Dimensions 7.1.1)
Lastly, run pcms_sizing again and assess the database usage. With the information from the two pcms_sizing reports you should be able to approximately predict the increase in database storage for your particular mix of data . You can modify storage parameters for tables if needed, and recreate indexes if needed.
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: How to Recreate Missing Indexes in Dimensions database
With each upgrade, it is wise to perform an export of the schema as soon as the database is upgraded or as soon as the demonstration database is installed. An export of the good database can be used to recreate the index. Perform the export with rows=n and the export file will not contain data , it will contain only the schema information .
CMS-XML Dim10: How to run the Dimensions Re-indexing script
Reindexing of the database can be done without taking the database down but you probably will get an error if a user attempts to access data which forms part of rebuidling index . If this happens just resummit the command that failed.
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