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CMS-XML Unable to run or save queries in Web Client where the username contains a backslash
"Fail to get preview Transaction id: 1 Status: 500
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error: ORA-01562, 00000, "failed to extend rollback segment (id = %s)"
Rollback Segments store transactions that are in progress. They are used to back out transactions which were applied to the database due to lack of space in the database buffer cache in memory but are not committed . They are also extremely sensitive to storage space problems in instances that process large transactions
CMS-XML DimCM: Reports: How to change product name in multiple user reports.
If no errors then commit this transaction : commit; 4. Exit SQLPlus and have users test Reports.
CMS-XML Dim10 - How to write and build a trigger.
Trigger Applications on the same object. When a validate-event or pre-event is fired on an object, then that object becomes locked until the transaction has been committed to the database. If you try to spawn another Dimensions command, then you run the following risks.
PDF Database Administrator’s Guide
Since Oracle uses write -ahead logging, DBWn does not need to write blocks when a transaction " commits ".
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Alert log shows "Beginning crash recovery of 1 threads"
An online redo log is a set of two or more online log files that record all committed changes made to the database. Whenever a transaction is committed , the corresponding redo entries temporarily stored in redo log buffers of the system global area are written to an online redo log file by the background process LGWR.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How to delete proxy user
WHen statement executes, it should return a message that one row has been deleted. In this case user will need to run .... commit ;... to commit the transaction . These steps will resolve this issue.
HTML Merant® Dimensions™ Service Pack Release Notes, Edition 1.0
#55900 - Dimensions records the transaction time and not the commit time stamp
CMS-XML Dim10: WARNING: Must enter a full valid Specification when trying to Undo Checkout
4. Commit transaction : commit;
CMS-XML Post Baseline Create Trigger does not commit the object before firing
Post Baseline Create Trigger does not commit the object before firing
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