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CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to capture the result of a BLD call
dmcli -user dmsys -pass xxxxxxx -host cmdimensionsdev -dbname cm_typical -dsn DCMTS -cmd "BLD CDP_TEST:TEST_04 /BUILD_CONFIG=BUILD_CFG_TEST_04 /AREA=BUILD_COLL_TEST04 /LOCK_SEARCH_PATH / BUILD_OPTIONS =(DMREBUILDALL=CURRENT,) /CAPTURE /CHANGE
CMS-XML 12.2.x / When submitting a build, got the error "Error: Attempt to reactivate an active session."
Follow error was returned when submitting a build : BLD "DEMO:PAYROLL" /AREA="QA_AREA" / BUILD_OPTIONS =(DMREBUILDALL Error: Attempt to reactivate an active session.
CMS-XML DIM CM 14.3.2: Successful Build capture unchanged target into DIM and Local Metadata not being written on first collection
CMS-XML Dim10: Dim10.1.1 build does not get sources correctly
This happens if the options tab in the build dialog is not clicked on to show the build options. If this dialog is not viewed then the command parameter / BUILD_OPTIONS =(DMXFERSOURCE=YES) is not included in the generated BLD command that Desktop Client submits.
CMS-XML Dim cm 14.3.2 : z/OS build => /TARGET_LIST="mvshost::filename" format qualifier doesn't handle EBCDIC to UTF8 conversion correctly
CMS-XML Impacted target matching error

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