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CMS-XML How To: #1013 Sample Build Scripts - ERROR.BLD
#generically and reliably clean up failed targets.
CMS-XML How To: #1021 Sample Build Scripts - VERS_V.BLD
.Epilog: # Clean up -- this is just a sample. rm -f $(SRCFILES)
CMS-XML How To: #1019 Sample Build Scripts - PROMOTE.BLD
#Make sure the build returns a non-zero code so that if we #are a recursive build, it will be clear that this was not #a clean build.
CMS-XML CB: VB 3 example of a rules configuration file
$(PVCS_TOOLS_PATH)\get $(getopts) $(_SourceRev) $(_Source)($(_Target)) CLEAN : %ForEach exe in $(Executables)
CMS-XML How To: - Sample tools.ini file for MS VC++ 4.x and 5.x projects
# Clean up any intermediate and final build files. Same as doing a Rebuild All
CMS-XML CB: VB 3 example of a project build script
# we are then it will call the CLEAN target if the -Rebuild flag has been set. # This will remove any executables present so that can be sure that they are # rebuilt.
CMS-XML Support: java script example: pkgorder.bld
Cleanup: (silent)%echo cleaning up... %foreach scn in $(scnFiles)
CMS-XML How To: Sample Build Script - Event Triggers: Kitchen sink
get -g$(EVENTGROUP) $(EVENTARCHIVE)($(Destination)) # Clean up after ourselves by removing the file we used to collect the vlog # output.

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