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XML Tasks_and_Assignments_by_Resource_by_Investment.rdl
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MS-EXCEL PPM 2009 R1 Supported Platform Matrix.xls
Comments ZMF ZMF 5.x, 6.x
CMS-XML How are event notifications sent (email and internal notification)?
How are event notifications sent (email and internal notification )?
CMS-XML Notification service gives error "Log entry string is too long. A string written to the event log cannot exceed 32766 characters" and must be restarted
Notification service gives error "Log entry string is too long. A string written to the event log cannot exceed 32766 characters" and must be restarted
CMS-XML Get "Fatal WebException occured with status: NameResolutionFailure." error in application event log every minute or so.
Open the Windows Services window and restart the following services Pacific Edge Notification Service Pacific Edge Scheduler Service
CMS-XML Event viewer has error: "Exceeded maximum number of attempts to invoke webservice. status: ProtocolError url: http://localhost/PESWebUI/WebServices/peswebconfig.asmx"
If any of these keys are missing, manually create them. Then, restart the "Pacific Edge Notification Processor" and "Pacific Edge Scheduler" services and IIS. One reason these keys may be missing is if the Migration Utility is uninstalled from the Mariner server.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
NOTE: The user who is running the PPM/Agile IIS Application Pool must have permissions to write to this folder. Event Viewer: Check the event viewer on the web server for any error messages that may indicate the problem.
CMS-XML About integrating PPM/Mariner and SBM
PPM can send events to SBM using its notification feature. When the notification event happens in PPM, the event is sent to an SBM orchestration. The orchestration then processes the request.
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
For details on creating notifications, there is on-line help available . To send the notification event to SBM, you will need to fill out the Mashup Event tab. On this tab, you will want to give the event name (called the "Event Type" in SBM) and the endpoint URL ( http://SBM_Application_Server:8085/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager ) as shown below.
CMS-XML How to find the Mariner logs
SBM Event Logging for Mashup Event notifications in Mariner. The following log can be found on the SBM server itself and may help diagnose issues with Mashup Event notifications fired from within a Mariner notification. C:\Program Files\Serena\Business Mashups\Common\jboss405\bin\AlfEventManager.log
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