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CMS-XML Get "Permission Denied" javascript error when saving form with rich text field when form is in Modal view.
3. The important part of this is the summary view opens in its own window. 4. Type a change in a rich text field like the Description field . 5. Click OK to save changes and you will get a Javascript error saying Permission Denied.
CMS-XML How to disable a dropdown attribute using script (dijit)
Dropdown lists are displayed on forms using a dijit component. This document talks about how to make the attribute disabled on the form.
CMS-XML Why is there a red box outline around my field or I get a message "This attribute is unavailable" when I hover over it.
This happens when an attribute used to be available to an Investment Type and was since removed from the Investment Type. Even though the field had been removed from the Investment Setup screen it wasn't removed from any forms that use that attribute in the View Designer.
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove the rich text tags after changing an attribute to be plain text with multiple lines?
This options requires that your team have knowledge of how to create reports. It is basically the same as option 2 except using a report rather than a separate form in the view . This option is probably more helpful if you have several rich text attributes.
CMS-XML Value change appear to not save intermittently
* In view designer make sure the description attribute shows on two different forms . (This bug is using description as the example. Same problem can be seen using other attributes as well.)
CMS-XML PPM replicated data across projects
When above occurs, the project highlighted in the left pane does not match the project in the main pane. If you are unaware of the display mismatch and continue to update the fields on the form and Save it. [Actual result]
CMS-XML After patching to 10.2.4 milestone dates are removed when publish task plan
1. In the jumpstart accelerator go to the view designer for the Project investment type and make the Milestones attributes not read only on the Summary Overview form . This is so you can manually put a date in.
CMS-XML How to send a system notification to all Mariner users for things like system maintenance notices etc.
Design the form in view designer and put the Name and Description attributes on the form . Go to the Tools / My Workspace module and define a new notification. If you create a notification for Item - On Add
CMS-XML Localizing PPM to different languages
The type system strings are stored in the database. These strings are associated with elements such as views , attributes , forms , and charts. There are two ways to update these strings.
CMS-XML Save function did not save changes
The value of the 'Name' attribute in the form 'Copy of Form1' should be saved on clicking the save button. Error: Name Attribute is not saved when edited from the copied "Copy of Form 1" view .
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