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CMS-XML IE seems to hang after logging into Mariner
After typing the ID/Password, IE hung with a blank window.
CMS-XML Mariner hang when one user doing the type system change.
Error message in the log : There was a problem executing the stored procedure: Attribute name project_objectives is not a valid name in the type system. Found in PPM9.3
CMS-XML Rich text field in discussion log causing slow script error
Rich text field gives an error about a script running too long and do you want to stop it. This seems to happen in the Discussion logs when you're on the Summary view and in the Rich Text field (Description) you type a line and hit enter and type another line of text and save. When you click from one discussion item to the next the browser seems to hang when you cycle over the one with the multiple lines in the description field.
CMS-XML PPM freeze with Java
PPM gives a “warning – Security” if you run with Java and PPM locks up/freeze – button unselectable. You have to kill PPM with task manager and you can’t log back in as you straight to this problem spot again.
CMS-XML Notification service gives error "Log entry string is too long. A string written to the event log cannot exceed 32766 characters" and must be restarted
The Notification service stops sending notifications and must be restarted. After the restart, notifications will work correctly for a while, and then fail again. The notification log has the following errors:
CMS-XML Security Model read locks leaking
There are several use cases that can cause database read locks (RL) on the PPM Security Model to occur and not be released. When this problem happens, the user experience varies from not being able to save configuration changes to a server hang , all users being kicked out of the system, and not being allowed to log back in.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Stop the Pacific Edge Notification Processor Service. ... If you still have not found the problem, check the following logs for error messages. Contact support if you need help understanding the logs . ... Notification log : C:\Program Files\Serena\Agile\NotificationService\_log\NotificationService.log
CMS-XML Reporting on Custom Log Views
Reporting on Custom Log Views
CMS-XML How to find the Mariner logs
How to find the Mariner logs
CMS-XML How to turn up logging for Report Server 2008
How to turn up logging for Report Server 2008
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