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CMS-XML How do I move the report server database to a new database server?
You may have your report server application running on Server 1 but the database itself is on Server A. How do you move the report server database to a new Server B? You may want to keep the application running on Server 1 but simply want to use a different SQL server .
CMS-XML Missing Analyzer/Reports Module
Repro Steps 1) In SQL Server , create a new blank database called ‘TestDB’ 2) Open the PPM Administration console and click the ‘New’ button
CMS-XML Report / Analyzer module missing from UI or stored procedures not owned by dbo.
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[pes_spTimesheetGetReportData] The problem this causes is if you are logged into sql server as a NT account and run the patch script the stored procedures mentioned above will be owned by that user name instead of dbo. [Error]
CMS-XML How to install a Mariner/Project Portfolio Management patch
Open SQL Server Management Studio, and browse to the PPM database. Click the New Query button on the toolbar. When the window opens, make sure that the correct database is selected at the top in the dropdown box. Go to File | Open | File.
CMS-XML How to make PPM connect to SQL via a trusted connection or NT account instead of SQL account.
Click the "Only Connection" radio button Fill in the SQL server name In the database name field type the name of the database and the Trusted_Connection parameter like below.
CMS-XML Get "Invalid Password" error when trying to edit docstore connection.
In order to troubleshoot the second scenario further open the Activity Monitor or Activity Log in SQL Enterprise Manager on the sql server you're attempting to connect to. If it's a failed login it should show in that log with the corresponding error. Usually the user doesn't exist in the database or the password is wrong etc.
CMS-XML How to upgrade a Mariner 6.2 installation to Mariner 2008, PPM 2009, or PPM 2010
Because Mariner 6.2 only supports SQL Server 2000 and Mariner 2008 and PPM 2009 only supports SQL Server 2005, perform these database steps:
CMS-XML Windows 2008: How to setup PPM to run as a named account, instead of NETWORK SERVICE
Change the SQL Server Reporting Services service to run as this named user. (In SQL Report Server 2008 and later, this is done through the Reporting Services Configuration Manager tool.)
CMS-XML How to upgrade a Mariner 6.2 installation to PPM 10.2
Because Mariner 6.2 only supports SQL Server 2000 and Mariner 2008, PPM 2009/2010 only support SQL Server 2005, you will need to migrate "through" SQL Server 2005, following these steps:
CMS-XML Looking at the Report Server Manager page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab.
To add the IUSR_servername account On the server you installed SQL Server Reporting Services, log on to Reporting Services as an administrator. Navigate to http://servername/reports/pages/folder.aspx .
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