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CMS-XML Creating blank db with PPM 10.2 admin tool gives Parameter name: path1 error.
If you try to use the admin tool with PPM 10.2 and create a new connection but specify to create the database and tables you get an error that says "Value cannot be null" Parameter name : path1 and the db doesn't get created.
CMS-XML WebApp.log shows "No connection exists for: ConnectionName" but that connection name doesn't exist on server.
at PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebServices.Utilities.PESDBConnectionSvc.GetDBConnection(String dbTitle, Boolean userReadOnly) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- 19 Apr 2012 00:15:54,799 [Default] (null) ERROR 5 - Database specified in security token is not supported by this server.
CMS-XML Get "Specified Cast is not Valid" error when submitting work item.
If you fill out a Work Item the only required field is Name . If you fill out a work item and tab through the two date fields and then only type something in the Work field you get the error above when you click Save.
CMS-XML Can't import investment with excel import if investment name starts with integer
1. Create an investment type called 1Acme 2. Import the attached excel import file into jumpstartaccelerator db . 3. It will parse fine but when you click Finish you get the following error.
CMS-XML Submit IRP form throws script error and gives .net error if space in connection
[Repro Steps] 1. Create a db connection to the Trial Jumpstart and just call it Trial_Jumpstart 2. Create an IRP page and submit a form into it just to confirm it's all working 3. Now make a new db connection to the same database called Trial Jumpstart 4. Create a new IRP page so a new url gets created with the new db name 5. Go
CMS-XML IRP request status page shows blank for user that submitted IRP
Workaround is to go into the Mariner ui and change the name of the investment and remove the ampersand &. Running this query against the db will show all IRP submitted requests where there is a < or & in the Name or Description fields. SELECT obj_UID, obj_Name, obj_Description, obj_RequestorEmail
CMS-XML Save function did not save changes
... Reproduce in Accelerator DB : ... attribute say ' Name ' over the ... ... the attribute ' Name ' in the ... ... the attribute ' Name ' for the ... ... of the ' Name ' attribute for ... of the ' Name ' attribute for ... ... for the ' Name ' attribute over ... ... .The ' Name ' attribute in ... ... change the ' Name ' attribute value ... 15.It won't respond. ... The value of the ' Name ' attribute in the form 'Copy of Form1' should be saved on clicking the save button. ... Name Attribute which is copied to "Copy of Form1" is not getting saved.
CMS-XML Taskplan: Inserting Columns does not save correctly.
... but the behaviour is not right and confusing ... ... .6 Sample DB . ... Give it a name , for example ... New form name is only honoured during the first browser session. ... The new form name , Form_A, does not display. Instead it is replaced with Project names . ... Form_A appears in the list, but no Alerting Service and Business Process Re-engineering. ... New form name is only honoured during the first browser session. Test2 result is not saved.Form_B does not appear. Choosing the project name only results in displaying Test1 result.
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
If you don't get an email ... that the events are not being sent to ... ... that the Event Name must match the ... Product Name : Mariner Product Name : Mariner ... or the event won't be captured by ... ... on the Orchestration name and see a ... ... /alf/ schema /EventBase/ ... <ns1:EventControl><ns1:EmEventId>B274AA9C2 DB 269F9821296496256187</ns1:EmEventId> ... <ns1:ServiceFlowId>B274AA9C2 DB 269F9821296496256188</ns1:ServiceFlowId>
CMS-XML Saving options in Composer gives error "System.InvalidCastException"
Specified cast is not valid. ... at Serena.Studio.Framework.Core.SettingsBase.WriteValue(String subkey, String name , Int32 value)
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