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CMS-XML IRP request status page shows blank for user that submitted IRP
When you fill in an IRP page and put your email address in you should get an email with a link in it that has the status of all your submissions with that email address. That status page will be blank and there may be a javascript error at the bottom of the browser with either of these errors if you submitted the IRP with the investment name that has an ampersand & sign in the name.
CMS-XML Investment Status url from IRP submit now requires you login to PPM.
[Repro Steps] 1. Create a new investment via an IRP page and put your email address in as the submitter. 2. Close Mariner if you have it open
CMS-XML How can you access the login name and full name of the currently logged in user with javascript?
_CURRENT_USER_FULL_NAME These variables are defined for you in the source code of the web page . The following example could be in the onChange event for a text box.
CMS-XML Looking at the Report Server Manager page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab.
To add the IUSR_servername account On the server you installed SQL Server Reporting Services, log on to Reporting Services as an administrator. Navigate to http://servername/reports/pages/folder.aspx .
CMS-XML PPM Help - Tutorials link is broken
User can't access to Tutorial page when try to login from PPM On Demand. PPM>Help>Tutorial Get HTTP Error
CMS-XML User is logged out of the application when selecting any projects in Investment module.
After logging into the Mariner application and selecting any project in the investment module, system logs out and force a relogin. After relogging in several times, the system no longer allows the user to login and returns an unexpected error message with links to perform 3 things: (return to Mariner default view, View error details, return to Mariner logon page ).
CMS-XML Localizing PPM to different languages
Details: The databaseName is the database connection name that you select from the PPM login page , not the name of the database itself. The directory is the directory to which the strings will be exported.
CMS-XML Using the Microsoft Project Connector with Mariner
Logging on to the Mariner ... If you are not already logged on to the Mariner Connector for Microsoft Project, and you try to complete a task that requires you to be connected to a Mariner database, the Mariner Connector Logon dialog box automatically appears. ... Log on to the Mariner Connector for Microsoft Project. ... Log On to Mariner Opens the Mariner Connector Logon dialog box so you can log on to Mariner. ... For example, if the name of the investment is Redesign Web Site , the file name of the plan is changed to Redesign Web Site .mpp.
CMS-XML Vertical scrollbar UI problem on summary overview tab of the projec
The items on the page are longer than can be displayed vertically from within the browser. The page is being cut off at the bottom in the middle of the status comments control, and the controls below this are not visible. There should be a vertical scroll bar allowing the user to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the rest of the controls. ... And another user needed to edit a screen, they logged in under peadmin and edited the screen.
CMS-XML Get Initialization error when installing the oledb provider in 2010 R1
1. Click on the Settings option under your login name ... [User Impact / Workaround Required] Download the oledb provider from the "My Downloads" area on the Serena Support site for the 2010 R1 release and install from there.
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