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CMS-XML Using LDAP/Active Directory authentication with Mariner/PPM
Setup the LDAP server as a ... Click Add . ... choose Window, Active Directory or eDirectory as ... ... the Windows vs Active Directory option, see ... Enter the LDAP information as needed ... ... password for any user who has read permissions to the LDAP server. Import the LDAP users : ... Go to Import Users . ... password for any user who has read permissions to the LDAP server. The imported users will be listed ... ... the number of users that are imported ... Setup user permission. ... Settings | Manage Users . The users will now be ...
CMS-XML Group By fields is blank on User Synchronization screen
[Expected Results] Should be able to give the LDAP attribute (i.e. Department) that is used to organize the users into the correct Resource Team. [User Impact / Workaround Required]
CMS-XML User lock up when accessing non permissable views
- Add the user to Admin group and have the user login once to chance views. Then remove this user from Admin group to resume the normal user session.
CMS-XML Looking at the Report Server Manager page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab.
In the Group or user name box, type the IUSR_servername, and then under Role, select the Browser, Content Manager, and Publisher check boxes. Click OK. After those permissions are setup you can go back and remove the iusr_servername account from the computers Administrators group .
CMS-XML Issue in view's of the security Role
Steps to reproduce: Step 1. Go to System settings. Step 2. For a particular Group , un check all the roles of that group except My time sheet and My calendar. Step 3. Assign one user to that group and change the properties for the user in root portfolio.
CMS-XML Running a report results in a blank white screen
After applying service packs or hot fixes to MS SQL Server, the permissions on the Report and ReportServer virtual directories have the Anonymous Access permission removed . ... If this is the first time you are setting up Report Server on this machine, you may also need to add NETWORK SERVICE (the Application Pool user ) to the local Administrator group .
CMS-XML Actuals in task plan become out of sync with timesheet data
* If the user cancels the repair, the values in the task plan will not be reverted. The user should select Tools > Reload Project to re-load the data from the server and revert the client display to the previous data. The user will be given a warning about this too. ... group by ... GROUP BY
CMS-XML How do I edit my timesheet if the cells are read only?
Select the appropriate Group from the Investment tree. ... Select the correct time period of the timesheet where the cells are locked by setting the Period Ending options at the top of the timesheet. ... Leaving one valid entry for each day, select the duplicate entries and click the delete icon (button w/X on the Details tab view menu bar). ... Once the duplicate entries are deleted the cells within the selected row will be unlocked and available for changes to be made.
CMS-XML When add new list item, all users are locked out of system when add
The webapp log includes the following error: 13 Jan 2011 03:41:46,778 [Default] ListAttributesServices.saveList ERROR 6 - Failed Save List: SObjective System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted .
CMS-XML How does a user add time for non-project work
Enter the start and finish dates. This is what adds the item to the Assignments view. I would suggest entering a start date of the beginning of the year (for example), and enter the end date for far in the future (for example, 12/31/2030).
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