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CMS-XML After login user gets javascript error and blank screen "Could not load class ‘serena.product.mariner.module.ModuleWithTree’"
After login user gets javascript error and blank screen "Could not load class ‘serena.product.mariner.module.ModuleWithTree’"
CMS-XML Issue in view's of the security Role
The customers have class of users that only enter timesheet information. To simplify the interface as much as possible they have removed access to everything but "My Time sheet" and "My Calendar". After the upgrade to 2010 R1 from Mariner 2008 R3, access to the "Home Page" and "Investment Module" cannot be removed.
CMS-XML About the new PPM task plan view
For more information about the JRE requirements, see S136853 . The new task plan design has many new features, including a best-in- class , interactive Gantt view that gives you full control of project schedules and work. Multiple baselines can now be used to track variance on projects or selected portions of projects.
XML Unmigrated_Task_Plans.rdl
SELECT PES_Object.obj_UID as Item_ID, PES_Object.obj_Name as Investment_Name, PES_ Class .cls_Name as Investment_Type FROM PES_Object INNER JOIN PES_ Class ON PES_Object.cls_UID = PES_ Class .cls_UID WHERE (PES_Object.obj_UID NOT IN (SELECT obj_UID FROM PES_ObjectPODBinary)) AND (PES_Object.obj_ParentUID
CMS-XML Printing report gives error "Unable to load client print control"
This error is actually coming from the browser. In order to print, the client browser needs to have the add-on called "RSClientPrint 2008 Class ". When you click the print button, you will be prompted to download the add-on.
CMS-XML PPM UI doesn't finish loading and get PacificEdgeSoftware.Products.PortfolioEdge.PESWebUI.framework.PortfolioEdgeUIServices.checkFileExistence or Could not load 'serena.widget.EmbeddedSummary' error.
Message: Could not load class ''. Did you spell the name correctly and use a full path, like 'dijit.form.Button'?
CMS-XML Event viewer gives error "Fatal WebException occured with status: SendFailure"
Line 1: <%@ WebService Language="c#" Codebehind="PESWebConfig.asmx.cs" Class ="PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebServices.PESWebConfig" %>
CMS-XML Get "AttributeName (id = 27) is not a log type" error when running the "Change Requests Log by Investment" report.
SELECT cls_XMLName, cls_Name, cls_UID FROM PES_ Class WHERE (cls_UID = 27) OR (clt_UID= '12')
CMS-XML Lock Completed Assignments checkbox in Type Setup screen doesn't hold value.
SELECT cls_Name, cls_LockAssignmentWhenComplete FROM PES_ Class WHERE (cls_Name = 'Project')

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