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CMS-XML User is logged out of the application when selecting any projects in Investment module.
Verified fix in build 2009.03.00.0130 - Reset request view back to summary view if the current request view is deleted.
CMS-XML "ISAPI Filter" in IIS prevent user from creating a database connection in Mariner Admin
2) Go to ISA PI Filter tab 3) Select the disable link and click Remove. 4) Now the user can create a connectivity.
CMS-XML Base License user sees the Setup link and Manager Users screen is blank.
Base License user sees the Setup link and Manager Users screen is blank.
CMS-XML How to send a system notification to all Mariner users for things like system maintenance notices etc.
Sometimes you may want to pro-actively notify all Mariner users of a system message for things like scheduled downtime or other messages that will affect all users. One approach is to use the built -in Mariner notification feature. This method is described below.
CMS-XML What is exported when you use the "Export Type System" option?
The system only exports custom information. It does not export items that are considered to be system/ built -in items.
CMS-XML IRP request status page shows blank for user that submitted IRP
When you fill in an IRP page and put your email address in you should get an email with a link in it that has the status of all your submissions with that email address. That status page will be blank and there may be a javascript error at the bottom of the browser with either of these errors if you submitted the IRP with the investment name that has an ampersand & sign in the name.
CMS-XML How do I change the server name in email notifications and the Copy URL option to use a fully qualified domain name in the url?
When you receive email notifications from Mariner/PPM or Agile there are sometimes links that will go directly to the server like the password reset email notification. If you are using Agile there is an option when you right click on certain items called "Copy URL".
CMS-XML Get message "There are no more available seats for this license" when adding users to a license and screen shows some remaining.
license file sent to you by Serena, open the Mariner Adminstration tool and login to the database in question. Click the Add License link and navigate to the .pel file you were sent.
CMS-XML Right click on investment in timesheet-Several options give errors
At the very minimum, the "Properties" link must work. Secondary to that, the other options should either be fixed or removed (they don't really make sense in respect to the timesheet view anyway).
CMS-XML How to change the Contact Support link
Under the Help menu, there is an option for Contact Support. If your company has their own help desk team, you may want to change this link to point to the help desk website.
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