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CMS-XML How are event notifications sent (email and internal notification)?
The Pacific Edge Notification Processor service monitors the message queue. When it detects a message, it pulls the notification out and checks to see if any users are subscribed to that event rule. Finally, the Notification Processor sends emails and internal notifications as needed.
CMS-XML PPM - Email notification not sending out as scheduled
7) Login as user2. 8) Update any project (i.e. change the description). 9) Within about a minute, user1 should get an email notification with the title of "test trigger".
CMS-XML Some users get email notifications while others do not
This document will describe common problems when notifications are being sent to some users but not other users. If notifications are not being send to any users, see KB S130946 .
CMS-XML Submitting an investment via an IRP page using Firefox doesn't store email.
Submitting an investment via an IRP page using Firefox doesn't store the email address of the submitter in the PES_Object table. It also doesn't send the notification email to the submitter, and the submitter can't check the status of their submissions.
CMS-XML Error: "Email has not been properly configured in this Mariner instance. Please contact your administrator to set configure email."
When a new user is added to the system, Mariner sends an email to the user. The email allows them to choose a password. If the email settings have not been configured, Mariner cannot send this email, and you will receive this error.
CMS-XML How to send a system notification to all Mariner users for things like system maintenance notices etc.
Keep in mind, with all notifications, if you're the one that made the notification happen you won't get the notification. In other words you will have to have a co-worker who was assigned the notification see that they got the notification that you created. If you have notifications setup to send email they should get the notification by email as well as in the Tools / My Workspace area in the My Notifications area.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
If you do see the object in the queue, start the Pacific Edge Notification Processor Service. In just a few seconds, the object should be deleted and sent to the user (yourself). If the you do not get the email , verify these items:
CMS-XML Investment Request Status page is case sensitive in regards to email address.
When you fill out an IRP page and put in your email address you get a link sent to you so you can see the status like this. http://marinerserver/Mariner/InvestmentRequest/InvestmentRequestStatus.aspx?DBTitle=JumpStartAccelerator&
CMS-XML After filling in IRP page you get redirected to the login screen.
The reason this happens is because the form you're filling in doesn't have both the "Name" and "Description" attributes on the submit form. When the form attempts to send the email confirmation it has the "Name" and "Description" fields hard coded into the response so when these fields are missing from the form you get get prompted with the login screen.
CMS-XML How to upgrade a Mariner 6.2 installation to PPM 10.2
You will need a new license key. Send an email to the support team ( and let them know about your upgrade plans. They will be able to help you get the key. (New releases often add new views.
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