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CMS-XML How to find all reports that were created by users no longer in the system that still run on a schedule.
The following query, when run against the Mariner/PPM database, will show all scheduled reports that were created by an inactive user . SELECT PES_ReportSchedule.rpt_UID AS Report_ID, PES_Report.rpt_Name AS Report_Name, PES_ReportSchedule.rpsc_active AS Active,
CMS-XML About deleting users from Mariner/PPM or Agile Planner
If you were to delete a user, the values on the financial views would be changed, task plans actuals would be changed, and work items would give unexpected behavior. Also, the corresponding relationships with that user (for example, the Product Owner, Dev Owner, etc) would be lost. Instead, you should make the users inactive , which frees up their license while retaining the associated data.
CMS-XML How do you find all reports that have been scheduled by a certain user? How do you disable scheduled reports for a specific user?
Run the previous query first and verify the reports returned are for the correct user and they are the ones that should be disabled. Running the following query replacing the 'xxxxx' with the userid in question will mark those reports as inactive and consequently the schedule reports will stop running for that userid. Update PES_ReportSchedule set rpsc_active= 'False' where rpt_UID in (SELECT PES_Report.rpt_UID
CMS-XML How do you delete a resource
Click Save. The fact that the user is inactive will remove them from most lists within Mariner, but the user will still show here. You may want to choose to put a "z" at the beginning of the user's name to move the user to the bottom of the list.
CMS-XML Using LDAP/Active Directory authentication with Mariner/PPM
Any users who are removed will be marked as Inactive , and their license will be removed (freed up for others to use). The synchronization does not remove allocations or assignments.
CMS-XML Inactive spelled wrong on Find Resource screen.
Inactive spelled wrong on Find Resource screen.
CMS-XML Applet times out after 20 mins with no server activity
3. Timeout - regardless of activity [Error] - none - customer must signin again [Expected Results] - to detect activity - keyboard or mouse - and keep customer logged in unless inactive for 20 mins
CMS-XML Sample report that will show the details for Scheduled jobs that have errors.
Find the one called "Scheduled_Jobs_Details" and uncheck the box next to it making it inactive . This keeps this report from showing in the list of available reports but is still used as a subreport in the other report that was uploaded called "Scheduled_Jobs"
XML Tasks_and_Assignments_by_Resource_by_Investment.rdl
, "" If OppState = "New" Return "Proposed" End If Case "Deferred" , "Cancelled" , "Completed" Select Case OppState Case "Deferred" , "Rejected" Return " Inactive " End Select End Select End Function

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