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CMS-XML How to update a date attribute using script (dijit)
In this example, we will copy the value of the create date into the "My Date" field . Then, it sets the My Date field to be "dirty". This will force the system to ask you to save, if you leave the form without saving.
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove the rich text tags after changing an attribute to be plain text with multiple lines?
Manually update the data and strip out the HTML rich text tags. Option 2: Manual copy /paste Change the attribute in the View Designer to be not-Rich Text with Multiple Lines.
CMS-XML Datasheet sorting on rich text attribute gives bad sorting.
[ Repro Steps] Create a datasheet that shows a rich text attribute like Description Set the sorting in the datasheet so it sorts by description in ascending order. View the datasheet and look at the results in the description field. Notice that the results aren't in ascending order like expected.
CMS-XML Attribute Dependencies tab: Parent Child values not displayed as default.
[ Repro Steps] 1. Go to Configuration module/Custom Attributes/Attribute Dependencies tab. 2. Parent/Child are not visible.
CMS-XML Notifications are not sent if filter on "milestone attribute has changed"
Investment type with milestone attributes (may have to add the control to a summary form) [ Repro Steps] 1. Create a notification definition Investment: On Update
CMS-XML Running SPGetDatasheet gives error when group by resource attribute
[ Repro Steps] 1. Create a datasheet that shows the Project Manager attribute ( or another attribute of type resource )
CMS-XML Able to create two attributes with the same system name with case the difference
This ends up causing the error later when you try to create a new investment. [ Repro Steps] 1. Create a new attribute called acme1 and make it global 2. Save changes 3. Create a new attribute called Acme 1 and make it global 4. Save changes 5. Notice you now have the system name for acme1 called the same but Acme 1 is called Acme1 Exactly the same with the only difference of the Case. 6.
CMS-XML Clicking Recalc all in the Attributes setup screen changes modified by and date.
Clicking the recald all button should act like the Recalc job and not update the modified by user and the modified date. [ Repro Steps] 1. Look at the last modified date and modified by user on a few investments. 2. Go to the attribute setup screen and click the Recalc All button 3. Look at the same properties and notice the date is now and the user is you.
CMS-XML Windows 2008 R2 64-bit: Labor Attribute Mapping Recalculate All gives error "Access to register key 'Global is denied' "
[ Repro Steps] 1. Go to Setup |Configuration | Scheduled Services | Labor Attribute Mapping 2. Click the Recalculate All button
CMS-XML Task Plan: Copy/paste of a task also copies actuals
* All task fields except the "actual" data will be copied. The list of fields that hold "actual" data is below.
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