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CMS-XML Notifications are not sent if filter on "milestone attribute has changed"
Investment type with milestone attributes (may have to add the control to a summary form) [ Repro Steps] 1. Create a notification definition Investment: On Update 2. Add a filter on a milestone attribute (i.e. StartMS.Baseline Has Changed)
CMS-XML Using the Microsoft Project Connector with Mariner
Set the attributes that you want ... Set the attributes that you want ... ... can get a copy of the plan ... ... can get a copy of the plan ... ... refresh and publish attributes , and to ... Get a Copy of Plan Opens the Get a Copy of a Plan ... to save a copy of a plan ... to view a copy of a plan ... Setting Attributes to Refresh from ... ... sets the default attributes , however, ... the list of attributes to be refreshed ... Setting Attributes to Publish to ... ... , and assignment fields is published to the appropriate attributes in the associated ...
CMS-XML How to update a date attribute using script (dijit)
In this example, we will copy the value of the create date into the "My Date" field . Then, it sets the My Date field to be "dirty". This will force the system to ask you to save, if you leave the form without saving.
CMS-XML When creating a bar chart what attribute types can be used for the Bar Length option?
In order for an attribute to be available to be charted at all seems to be attributes marked "Global" in the attribute setup screen and then that attribute needs to be available in the datasheet definition itself as a column that shows.
CMS-XML Sample report that shows attribute names with the corresponding system name for the same attribute.
Click on Report Templates Click the "upload a report definition file" button Browse to the file you downloaded in step 1.
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove the rich text tags after changing an attribute to be plain text with multiple lines?
Manually update the data and strip out the HTML rich text tags. Option 2: Manual copy /paste Change the attribute in the View Designer to be not-Rich Text with Multiple Lines.
CMS-XML Datasheet sorting on rich text attribute gives bad sorting.
[ Repro Steps] Create a datasheet that shows a rich text attribute like Description Set the sorting in the datasheet so it sorts by description in ascending order. View the datasheet and look at the results in the description field. Notice that the results aren't in ascending order like expected.
CMS-XML Attribute Dependencies tab: Parent Child values not displayed as default.
[ Repro Steps] 1. Go to Configuration module/Custom Attributes/Attribute Dependencies tab. 2. Parent/Child are not visible.
CMS-XML There was a problem executing the stored procedure: Invalid data type for attribute x. when accessing data via ole db connector.
Get the following error when attempting to run macros like the PES_MACRO_INVESTMENT and try to display attributes of type Large Text. For example this code will return this error if the attribute being returned called "MyLargeText" is of type Large Text when you define the attribute in the Attribute Setup screen.
CMS-XML Running SPGetDatasheet gives error when group by resource attribute
[ Repro Steps] 1. Create a datasheet that shows the Project Manager attribute ( or another attribute of type resource )
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