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CMS-XML Security Model read locks leaking
Each query to server starts with RL acquiring and ends with RL releasing. Your task to break request for creating a leak. It is the root of problem.
CMS-XML Browser locks up or times out when try to move an investment
If you try to move an investment that contains many assignments, allocations, and/or timesheet entries, the browser may appear to be locked up. After 15 minutes, the move will fail with a timeout message. This problem happens because Mariner is trying to recalculate all of the totals at the parent level and above (to remove the rollup values) and recalculate the totals at the new parent and above (to add the rollup values).
CMS-XML When add new list item, all users are locked out of system when add
The webapp log includes the following error: 13 Jan 2011 03:41:46,778 [Default] ListAttributesServices.saveList ERROR 6 - Failed Save List: SObjective System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.
CMS-XML Using the Microsoft Project Connector with Mariner
... local computer without locking it from other ... plan that is locked by another user ... Check Out Plan Opens the Check Out Plan dialog box, which you can use to save a plan from Mariner to your local computer, and to lock the plan so other users cannot make edits to it. ... After the association is broken , this task will appear in Mariner as a 1 day task. ... If tracked in a Microsoft Project-based task plan, material task assignments and fixed costs will not carry over after the association is broken .
CMS-XML Transaction was deadlocked... during concurrency actions: Copy Dimension and modifying of Financial Details.
User B action is failed with error window and message (screenshot is attached): ... Transaction (Process ID 53) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. ... User B need to repeat the failed action.
CMS-XML Getting "System.OutOfMemoryException" while running "Post All Data" nightly scheduled job.
Many possible errors will happen, including "Calculation failed " or "System Out of memory exception" from scheduler job in Job Status field. ... The Web Server is not available (browser basically locks up and the process seems to run to no end)
CMS-XML Incorrectly locking project task plans
Incorrectly locking project task plans
CMS-XML PPM users locking up
PPM users locking up
CMS-XML Mariner/PPM locks up or timeout when try to move investment
Mariner/PPM locks up or timeout when try to move investment
CMS-XML Locks when changing between projects and programs
Locks when changing between projects and programs
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