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CMS-XML Lock Completed Assignments checkbox in Type Setup screen doesn't hold value.
[Repro Steps] 1.Run this query in the database . SELECT cls_Name, cls_LockAssignmentWhenComplete
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
... changes in field values depending on which ... These values must match exactly depending on the version of Mariner/PPM or the event won't be captured by SBM. ... On the toolbar look for the "Log Viewer" check box and enable that. ... <ns1:EventControl><ns1:EmEventId>B274AA9C2 DB 269F9821296496256187</ns1:EmEventId> ... <ns1:ServiceFlowId>B274AA9C2 DB 269F9821296496256188</ns1:ServiceFlowId>
CMS-XML After upgrade, Investments and Analyzer modules give error. Get "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key".
Get the following error when trying to access the Investments or Analyzer modules after migrating database . System.ArgumentNullException Message
CMS-XML MSP Connector does not update cost plan currency values
* The default rate of the resource role is $100 as of 1/1/1989. * Reproducible on a jump start accelerator database . [Repro Steps]
CMS-XML How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
The following example code can be put in the onselectionchange event of a list box. When the value is changed a alert should show the currently selected text value. The underlying value is actually a numeric value that will be stored in the database .
CMS-XML Creating blank db with PPM 10.2 admin tool gives Parameter name: path1 error.
If you try to use the admin tool with PPM 10.2 and create a new connection but specify to create the database and tables you get an error that says " Value cannot be null" Parameter name: path1 and the db doesn't get created.
CMS-XML Executing PES_MACRO_DATES in 'GMT-8.00 ' timezone returns incorrect date values
Executing the Macro 'SELECT * FROM PES_MACRO_DATES (hdr, Calendar Month, 1/1/2010, 4/30/2010)' from our machine (GMT+5.30 time zone) through 'Serena Mariner OLEDB provider' in the SaaS db return correct date values . But after changing the time zone to GMT-8.00 Pacific Time zone if we execute the same macro that returns incorrect date values.
CMS-XML When run report from Visual Studio or Report Server, get error "A connection cannot be made to the database. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
The following keys are set during the installation of the Mariner/PPM OLEDB Provider. Verify that these registry keys exist and have the correct values . If either (or both) keys do not exist or have an incorrect value, change the keys/values as needed to match the tables below.
CMS-XML How do I move the report server database to a new database server?
How do I move the report server database to a new database server?
CMS-XML How to refresh a Mariner/PPM database in staging environment with the data from production
How to refresh a Mariner/PPM database in staging environment with the data from production
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