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CMS-XML Tabbing in timesheet doesn't keep up with input.
If you use the tab key to enter time in your timesheet you have to wait for the focus and value to be set before moving to the next cell. This can be frustrating and cause time submittal errors because the time doesn't always get put into the cell.
XML Submitted timesheets waiting Resource Manager approval.rdl
1.8125in 0.25in Submitted timesheets waiting for Resource Manager approval
CMS-XML Timesheet period shouldn't be able to close if RM/PM approvals are outstanding.
You shouldn't be able to close a timesheet time period if there are outstanding approvals for either the RM or PM or the RM or PM should be able to still approve time for Closed time periods. It's too easy to get into a position where the time period auto closes while there is still time waiting to be approved.
CMS-XML Scheduled Reports: Fix for DEF205876 requires a plain text password in config file
TIP: If most of your scheduled reports run at night and you don't want to wait , you could setup a scheduled report that runs now. After the encryption has taken place, you can remove the scheduled report.
CMS-XML ENH192505: Users can now choose to save report parameters or choose to be prompted every time reports are run (PPM 10.2.5)
On the other hand, if you uncheck this option, the report will forget your previously used parameters and will prompt you for input before running the report. This new option can be helpful for reports that take a long time to run and take parameters. You are now able to change the parameters before the report runs rather than wait for the report to run and then change it's parameters.
CMS-XML Transaction was deadlocked... during concurrency actions: Copy Dimension and modifying of Financial Details.
[Expected Results] User B action should wait for completeness of User A action. [User Impact / Workaround Required]
CMS-XML Rich Text fields duplicate text, eventually the investment cannot be opened
Over time, the fields becomes huge. This caused the page to take a very long time to load. In one example, every time this page loaded, they had to wait about 20 minutes for the page to load.
CMS-XML Security Model read locks leaking
This state is permanent and will be reproduced each time during saving. Any additional tries to login during saving will wait for 15 min. and will increase utilization of WebServer.
CMS-XML Applet times out after 20 mins with no server activity
1. Open task view 2. Wait 20 mins 3. Timeout - regardless of activity
CMS-XML Scheduled reports are not executed
2. Verify that the Master Report scheduled job is setup to run every 15 minutes (for example). 3. Wait for the report schedule AND the master report schedule have past. 4. Notice that the report is not generated and the details on the master report schedule will say "Ran 0 or 1 scheduled reports".

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