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CMS-XML Incorrectly changing previous task start dates
3. Link all Tasks 4. Complete Task 3 with 100 % 5 . Start date for other tasks all change.
CMS-XML Unable to generate Report if the End Date day smaller than Start Date day
4. Fill up the report name. 5 . In General Tab report Template select Monthly Timesheets 6. Associated Report with a selected Project.
CMS-XML Updated log item name does not reflect correct for the first time
3. Now change the item1 to Itemfirst from Summary tab and save it using the SAVE icon in lower view. 4. You will notice that in the upper view the sequence become Item2 and then following by ItemFirst 5 . In upper view the system highlighted Item2 but in lower view it displays ItemFirst
CMS-XML Warning message when user first name containing more than one string
For example 'satish kumar' 2. Grant the user PM role and assign it to a task then let him/her submit sometime againt timesheet 3. Login as another user who has the PM role. 4.Then submit timesheet to the same task from first user. 5 . Error "hese resource names are invalid: ‘ABC DEF GHI’
CMS-XML Updating timesheet causes task plan Actual Start to be incorrect
5 . Open the task plan and Reload Project. Notice that Actual Start is still Monday. (not good)
CMS-XML Nightly post job fails with error "Actual start cannot be later than actual finish"
4. Delete the previous timesheet entry and re-enter it again for the period AFTER the actual finish of the task. 5 . Do not make the task complete this time. 6. Edit the task plan and publish it so as to update the db with new timesheet entries.
CMS-XML Unable to clear Actual Start and Actual Finish dates for Task
5 . Add the column Actual Work. 6. Enter a value of zero in this column even though it is already zero. Note: The Actual Start column date is now cleared.
CMS-XML Actual Start date is moved from Sunday to Monday when task is marked Complete
3. Assign a resource, and publish the task plan. 4. Open the timesheet for the Period Ending 11/3/2012. 5 . Post 4 hours of time for Sunday, Oct 28, and check the box for Complete.
CMS-XML Tutorials no longer available in View Getting started page
5 ) Copy and paste this URL into the pop-up window and click OK
CMS-XML Pacific Edge Scheduler services will not start
Pacific Edge Scheduler services will not start
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