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CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
Beginning in PPM 2009 R1, the information passed to SBM from PPM was changed . Because of this, you must manually update the Application Link in SBM to also reflect this change.
CMS-XML Mariner integration with SBM fails due to authentication error
The interface between SBM and Mariner worked fine with SBM 2008 R2, but after the release of SBM 2008 R3, it stopped working. The changes made in SBM were authentication-related. Mariner needs to be updated to match the authentication changes .
CMS-XML About integrating PPM/Mariner and SBM
Notice that the Event Name must match the Event Type in the Mashup Tool exactly. Newer versions of SBM Composer will need the Event Mapping to be recreated to match the following screen shots see below for changes in field values depending on which version of PPM you're using. Versions of Mariner 2009 R1 and before:
CMS-XML Is there a way to remove the rich text tags after changing an attribute to be plain text with multiple lines?
In some cases , you may want to change an attribute from allowing rich text to being a plain text attribute that allows multiple lines. For example, in PPM 2009 and later, the rich text attributes take a lot more real estate. You may decide that you would rather change the attribute to be plain text.
CMS-XML On Change event won't fire for date field if you only type the month and day.
Customer uses the On Change event on a date control which works fine if you actually pick the date with the date picker. The event will fire in that case but some users use the tab key and tab into the date field and simply type the date. This will work fine if you type the entire date including the year like 4/5/10 and tab out of the field the event will fire.
CMS-XML How to setup a Mariner/PPM staging environment for testing changes
Make a backup of the production database, copy it to the staging MS SQL Server, and restore the database. As mentioned above, many customers use the same MS SQL Server for production and staging. In that case , you would make a backup of the production database, and restore the database on the same MS SQL Server machine but give a different database name.
CMS-XML Able to create two attributes with the same system name with case the difference
This ends up causing the error later when you try to create a new investment. [Repro Steps] 1. Create a new attribute called acme1 and make it global 2. Save changes 3. Create a new attribute called Acme 1 and make it global 4. Save changes 5. Notice you now have the system name for acme1 called the same but Acme 1 is called Acme1 Exactly the same with the only difference of the Case . 6.
CMS-XML How do I edit my timesheet if the cells are read only?
The time was posed as a detailed line items. In this case , any changes to time must also be done on the detail view. See steps below for additional details.
CMS-XML When logged in as peadmin you can edit items in the Archived Items portfolio on PPM 10.2
This is by design that the peadmin account can edit the archived items in UI. If you try to update an investment in the Archived Items folder via a web service using the peadmin account you won't be able to. In this case you will get a message that archived items can't be edited .
CMS-XML How to Reset the User Settings
To fix the root cause of the error, we recommend that you take a backup of your database BEFORE clearing the user settings. Then, open a support case ( ). You can send us the backup, and we will work with you on a permanent fix.
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