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CMS-XML Get "Invalid Password" error when trying to edit docstore connection.
... actually two different passwords that may be ... The password for the docstore ... ... have forgotten this password you can change ... ... the actual sql username and password used in the ... ... By default the username and password are stored in ... < UserID >sqluser</ UserID > < Password type=" ... =</ Password > ... can change the password field to hold ... < UserID >sqluser</ UserID > < Password type=" ... sqlpassword</ Password > ... get an Invalid Password message the chances ... the sql users password isn't correct.
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
The SQL login or password have changed. To test this, log into SQL Enterprise Manager with the same login that is given in the web.config file. This will give a better error.
CMS-XML Being prompted for Windows login every time I go to the PPM login screen (Windows Authentication)
On the Security tab, click on Custom Level At the very bottom, choose "Automatic logon with current user name and password ". Click OK.
CMS-XML Error "You must be logged into your Windows domain before logging in to the product"
It should show you that user's login name as domain_name\user_name, i.e. acmedomain\jsmith. If you get prompted for a username and password , this means that the user's domain account doesn't have File permissions to the folder where the PPM virtual directory points to (by default, this is C:\Program Files\Serena\PPM\Mariner). By default the Local Users group has access to this folder but you may need to add the Domain\Users group to that folder as well.
CMS-XML How to update the password used by the Report Server's scheduler service
For the scheduler service to connect to the Report Server machine, you must enter a username and password in the PacificEdgeSoftware.Scheduler.Service.exe.config file. (See D13162 for details .) If the username and/or password changes, you will begin seeing errors in the scheduler log such as: 19 Jul 2011 12:54:23,712 [Default] Reports Master@Jumpstart WARN Jumpstart - Failed to render report license report for user greg: The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.
CMS-XML Looking at the Report Server Manager page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab.
When you look at the Report Manager admin page there isn't a Contents or Properties tab or you get prompted for a username and password . ... The permissions granted to user 'MARINER2009VM\IUSR_MARINER2009VM' are insufficient for performing this operation. ... The permissions granted to user 'MARINER2009VM\IUSR_MARINER2009VM' are insufficient for performing this operation.
CMS-XML Get "SSO Access Denied" error running SBM to PPM integration with SSO enabled.
In the Username / Password fields use the same SBM user that you use in the "Auth" sections of your SBM Web Services. The username specified on this screen is only used to login to the SSO server but the actions performed by the web services will still be performed by the username specified in the Orchestration Workflow steps.
CMS-XML Pacific Edge Scheduler services will not start
Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\PPM\SchedulerService\PacificEdgeSoftware.Scheduler.Service.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\PPM\SchedulerService\PacificEdgeSoftware.Scheduler.Service.exe.Config" on line 33. ... Make sure you don't have any of these characters in the username or password values.
CMS-XML What is the difference between Windows Authentication and LDAP Authentication?
When using Windows authentication, you will open the PPM login screen, enter ONLY your LDAP/AD name (not the password ), and click Login . ... After this, every time you go to the PPM login screen, you will be logged in automatically. You never need to enter your username or password again.
CMS-XML IE seems to hang after logging into Mariner
After typing the ID/ Password , IE hung with a blank window.
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