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CMS-XML Get. "Could not load file or assembly 'Serena.SaaSUserDirectory.Mariner" error on login screen after installing patch.
... doing a successful install of Mariner but ... running through the install again and choosing ... Server part and installing it again in ... It looks like the uninstall part for the Report Server only removes pieces of the Mariner install and breaks it. In order to fix this problem run through the Mariner install and choose to Remove Mariner. After the uninstall is done go through the Install process again but choose the Custom install option and make sure the Mariner and Report Server options are selected. After the install finishes check to make sure you can login and run reports.
CMS-XML Using the Microsoft Project Connector with Mariner
Logging on to the Mariner ... ... are not already logged on to the Mariner ... the Mariner Connector Logon dialog box automatically ... Log on to the Mariner ... ... checked in, users who have the ... out by another user , they can ... After you install the Mariner Connector ... ... out by another user , or if ... ... associations can be broken , and the ... After you install the Mariner Connector ... Log On to Mariner Opens the Mariner Connector Logon dialog box so you can log on to Mariner. ... it from other users , or to ... locked by another user .
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
The SQL login or password have changed. To test this, log into SQL Enterprise Manager with the same login that is given in the web.config file. This will give a better error.
CMS-XML User Message: Failed to upload report xxx for user yyy to the Doc Store: Unable to retrieve folder contents in event viewer.
This error will show if you don't have the docstore configured correctly in the Configuration Module in the Environment Settings screen. You may see this error repeat many times and it usually happens when the docstore isn't configured and there are reports that are set to run at a scheduled time. To keep the error from happening verify the docstore settings are correct.
CMS-XML Base License user sees the Setup link and Manager Users screen is blank.
2. Put them in an Admin group in PPM 3. Have that user login and notice the Setup link at the top right. 4. When you click the Manage Users the screen is blank.
CMS-XML Mariner/PPM and Agile install fails on Windows 2008
In the IIS Manager area on Windows 2008 look at the properties of the Default Application Pool and particularly at the Identity area. By default the Application Pool is set to run as a certain NT user . Usually this is set to the "Network Service" account or the "Local System" account.
CMS-XML PPM Help - Tutorials link is broken
User can't access to Tutorial page when try to login from PPM On Demand. PPM>Help>Tutorial Get HTTP Error
CMS-XML Error "You must be logged into your Windows domain before logging in to the product"
When installing PPM on Windows Server 2008 R2, if PPM is setup to use Windows NT Authentication as the provider, the users may get the following error when trying to login : You must be logged into your Windows domain before logging in to the product.
CMS-XML Being prompted for Windows login every time I go to the PPM login screen (Windows Authentication)
If PPM is setup to allow users to authenticate using their Windows account, they should automatically be logged into PPM. However, if they are are still be prompted for their Windows login:
CMS-XML How do you save changes to your timesheet if you're not ready to submit the timesheet?
Log in as a user with permission to "Configuration Module" and "Timesheet Settings" view. Click the "Approval Policy" tab
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