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MS-EXCEL PPM 2009 R1 Supported Platform Matrix.xls
Unsupported Dimensions CM DM pre-2009 R1
CMS-XML About integrating PPM/Mariner and SBM
In this integration, SBM becomes the central point of activity. All of the data manipulation and updates are done through orchestrations . This gives you the advantage of keeping all of your code together in one place, making it easier to organize and maintain.
CMS-XML Get "SSO Access Denied" error running SBM to PPM integration with SSO enabled.
Click the "Enable Serena Business Mashups Security Authentication" check box In the Username/Password fields use the same SBM user that you use in the "Auth" sections of your SBM Web Services. The username specified on this screen is only used to login to the SSO server but the actions performed by the web services will still be performed by the username specified in the Orchestration Workflow steps.
CMS-XML After upgrading PPM, the integration with SBM no longer works
Login to the SMB Application Administrator ui and on the left click on the " Orchestration Engine" | "Event Manager Log" screen. This screen is helpful because it will show any events that have been received by SBM. In the example above you should be able to scroll to the end of the log and see an event called "IdeaUpdate" in the type column.

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