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CMS-XML Creating blank db with PPM 10.2 admin tool gives Parameter name: path1 error.
If you try to use the admin tool with PPM 10.2 and create a new connection but specify to create the database and tables you get an error that says "Value cannot be null" Parameter name: path1 and the db doesn't get created.
CMS-XML Document view gives error "Database specified in security token was not found in the collection of supported database servers" followed by "The Document Repository is not configured correctly"
If you copy your PPM database from one server to another (i.e. to create a test environment or upgrade hardware), the document settings will still be in the database table , but they will not be recognized by the environment. When the users open the Documents view, they will receive error:
CMS-XML Error: Key in dictionary '2009-09-27T19:16:12' Key being added '2009-09-27T19:16:12' clicking on My Reports
This issue is can be worked around by applying the following sql script to the Mariner/PPM docstore database . Make sure you run the sql against the docstore database and not the Mariner database itself as this will have no effect and result in a sql error . ... If you are experiencing this error the following sql should temporarily remedy the problem where the patched version of Mariner should keep it from occurring again. ... WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 ... DECLARE @newDates table (doc_GUID uniqueidentifier, ver_ModifiedDate datetime)
CMS-XML Right clicking on any investment in Search results or from a Datasheet gives "Invalid XML Payload" error.
The error is thrown while reading the XML name of the attributes with the following patterns ... The attributes causing the errors would have been created in previous versions of PPM. ... Run the following script against your PPM database . ... Now you will be able to right click the search results without an error . ... If you still get the XML Payload error after following these instructions, see DEF214954 for additional steps.
CMS-XML Get "Invalid Password" error when trying to edit docstore connection.
The other place that is more tricky to fix is the actual sql username and password used in the connection is wrong . ... By default the username and password are stored in binary format and is hard to read like this ... You can verify that by trying to connecto to the docstore database in the SQL Manager itself with that same username and password. ... Retype the database users password and click OK. ... If it's a failed login it should show in that log with the corresponding error . Usually the user doesn't exist in the database or the password is wrong etc.
CMS-XML Missing Analyzer/Reports Module
1) In SQL Server, create a new blank database called ‘TestDB’ ... In the Creation section, select the ‘Only tables ’ option > Create. ... Error
CMS-XML Missing Stored Procedure: pes_SpNotficGetTypesSys
1) In SQL Server, create a new blank database called ‘TestDB’ ... In the Creation section, select the ‘Only tables ’ option > Create. ... 5) IN SQL Server, expand the ‘TestDB’ database . ... Error
CMS-XML Applet not publishing tsk_PMComplete or tsk_Complete at the task level
In the database , notice that tsk_PMComplete is set to 1 on the assignment in the PES_ProjectTask table [ Error ]
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
This error is telling you that the Mariner/PPM application server cannot connect to the database server. Some common reasons this error may occur are:
CMS-XML Event viewer gives error "Fatal WebException occured with status: SendFailure"
---> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException:
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