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CMS-XML Financial Details view showing the wrong contours for a project
[Expected Results ] PPM should refresh itself when switching between the project. [User Impact]
CMS-XML Timesheet: Detail splitter bar moves total but not task list
5. Decrease or increase the size of the details pane by sliding the Splitter bar up or down. Results : See that the Period Total column, the bottom row Total moves with the direction of the splitter bar movement and will overlay other screen elements. 1. The results of moving the Details pane splitter bar up: notice in the Period Total column, the bottom row Total overlays the other totals in this column and it continues to have a weird box drawn around this total.
CMS-XML Timesheet: Details view does not remember column resize
Column width changes go back to default. [Expected Results ] Column widths should be remembered
CMS-XML Workflow transition won't show the new views for the converted item with a Run Time Error
If you click on discussion and back on workflow(which is not a valid project request view), you get a server side error. [Expected Results ] The correct views for the type should be displayed
CMS-XML "Last User Modified By" not updated when enter BCV details without description
Notice that the "Last User Modified By" attribute is not updated with the user name. [Expected Results ] The user name should be updated.
CMS-XML Timesheet: When submit while details is on, time is not saved
Time for taskA and taskB are not saved, but taskC is saved. [Expected Results ] All time should be saved.
CMS-XML Timesheet details are not saved when turn off/on details view
[Expected Results ] Information in details view should be saved when open/close detail pane. [User Impact / Workaround Required]
CMS-XML Changing the order of a list item and clicking save doesn't save the new order. The order reverts back to what it was before the save.
The results of the query will show a lot more records get updated than the query above but it actually only changes the ones with commas in the li_SystemName. The second query only causes the type system to reload automatically so you don't have to restart IIS for the change to take affect.
CMS-XML Transaction was deadlocked... during concurrency actions: Copy Dimension and modifying of Financial Details.
[Expected Results ] User B action should wait for completeness of User A action. [User Impact / Workaround Required]
CMS-XML When timesheets are disabled, financials not calculated correctly for work items
[Expected Results ]
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