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CMS-XML How to Reset the User Settings
For example, all of the views remember your last setting. So, if your datasheet (or report) always gives you an error but works fine for others, the problem could be with the dates you had selected last time the report was run. The dates you entered last time are "remembered" by the system as part of your user settings.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Setup a very simple notification definition that will send an email to your normal login user (not peadmin/aodadmin). Make sure the notification is very simple, such as one that fires every time a project (or story) is updated . Also, make sure it is very generic without any filters or restrictions.
CMS-XML Import tool doesn't save values when children are imported at the same time.
1. Use the attached excel file to import into Agile. Change any of the values in the excel file to match your db but this should work with the sample.
CMS-XML Incorrect rollup type for End Date attribute
Incorrect rollup type for End Date attribute
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Product Lifecycle page lists each product release, its status and the end of support date . Start at the Product Lifecycle page. Search for you product in the dropdown list.
CMS-XML How to change the Agile client timeout
Edit the value to be the new timeout, in minutes. For example, if you want the timeout to be 8 hours , change the value to be 480 (8 hours x 60 minutes ). The timeout value in both instances must match.
CMS-XML Using the Agile to SBM connector Agile isn't updating parent value on submit
The SBM parent item only updates when you update the child Agile item, not when you just Add a new Agile child item. 4. What is the business impact of this issue? If you are relying on the value of the field in SBM to be the sum of it's children just like it is in Agile then you have a problem because the only time the parent sbm value changes is when you update an item in Agile, not when you add a new item.

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