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CMS-XML Datasheet: Sorting by a list attribute goes in UID order instead of the value
Datasheet that sorts by a list attribute sort using the UID value instead of the display value ... 2) Create a new attribute of type list that uses the list you created above. 3) Add this attribute to the Story type and put it on one of the Story forms . ... 5) Create a datasheet that displays the list value and sorts by the value.
CMS-XML My Work view gives "The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available"
On the My Work tab, one specific user may get error: The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available If you hit refresh on the browser, the user gets error:
CMS-XML Document view does not work correctly when added to a story
If you add the Document Store control to a form for Story, the form does not work correctly.
CMS-XML RTE saving a Summary Form from Datasheet when Rich Text Editor used
You need to do this from the Reports > datasheet view and right click a story to show the Summary Form . I only get this error when I've edited one of the rich text fields, not when I edit the story name or pick something from a dropdown.
CMS-XML How does the My Work view work using the "My Work List" widget. Why does it show items I don't own?
The My Work module that by default shows on the Home tab in Agile uses the "My Work List" widget. That widget is hard coded to show items where you are set to any of the following attributes .
CMS-XML Printing a chart should print a page for each attribute in the Bar Length option
You will have to manually change the chart so the attribute you want to print is first in the list in order to print it. A better way to do this would be to just print a seperate page in the resulting .pdf file for each of the attributes that could display on the chart.
CMS-XML All name (user story names) fields are truncated at 100 characters
After this fix, the field length has been increased to 256. Also, the user cannot type more than 256. This way, the title is not truncated without the user knowing.
CMS-XML Agile: UI - Window title bar cannot move; when touched - story popup
In Agile Planner 2.3 - Go to Planner - Edit a backlog and select a story. Popup displays 4-sided arrow when trying to relocate window. Steps to recreate: 1. Select a story from Planning view (see attached) 2. Mouse over top window bar to move popup window 3. 4-sided arrow is presented - unable to move window
CMS-XML Incorrect rollup type for End Date attribute
Incorrect rollup type for End Date attribute
CMS-XML Error "Received an HTML response instead of an XML response" when open document view
Error "Received an HTML response instead of an XML response" when open document view
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