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CMS-XML Using the Agile to SBM connector Agile isn't updating parent value on submit
The SBM parent item only updates when you update the child Agile item, not when you just Add a new Agile child item. 4. What is the business impact of this issue? If you are relying on the value of the field in SBM to be the sum of it's children just like it is in Agile then you have a problem because the only time the parent sbm value changes is when you update an item in Agile, not when you add a new item.
CMS-XML Import tool doesn't save values when children are imported at the same time.
The other problem with this is when you open the Story after your import the Estimated Effort field is read only so you couldn't edit it after. To work around this is you have to move one the tasks out of the story and then back and in and for some reason the field is editable again.
CMS-XML When edit rich text field on Summary view from Datasheet, get runtime error saying "Permission Denied"
2. Right-click a story to open Summary 3. Enter text in Description or Acceptance Criteria (both rich text fields ) 4. OK
CMS-XML Printing a chart should print a page for each attribute in the Bar Length option
You can have a chart in agile with multiple attributes set for the bar lengh and when you view the chart you can change the attribute and see different attributes on the chart but when you go to print the chart it only ever prints the first attribute in the drop down. You will have to manually change the chart so the attribute you want to print is first in the list in order to print it. A better way to do this would be to just print a seperate page in the resulting .pdf
CMS-XML RTE saving a Summary Form from Datasheet when Rich Text Editor used
RTE on line 16 "Permission denied" You will see this error if you click Cancel or OK after you edit a rich text field after opening the form via the Reports screen. 3. What is the expected result?
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
Edit the ... above the Agile value for "PES ... On the right side of the screen it will by the value in the "System Name" field . ... In the example above for SBM the value for "Enhancement Request" can be found using either the SBM Administrator or Composer. Look for the field listing for one called "Type" and the values in the "Selections" section in the Administrator tool or " Value " section in Composer.
CMS-XML Document view does not work correctly when added to a story
When you check in the file, you can't enter comments about your change . You cannot type in any of the text fields .
CMS-XML Datasheet: Sorting by a list attribute goes in UID order instead of the value
aaaa 2) Create a new attribute of type list that uses the list you created above. 3) Add this attribute to the Story type and put it on one of the Story forms.
CMS-XML How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
The following example code can be put in the onselectionchange event of a list box. When the value is changed a alert should show the currently selected text value . The underlying value is actually a numeric value that will be stored in the database.
CMS-XML How to change the Agile client timeout
For example, if you want the timeout to be 8 hours, change the value to be 480 (8 hours x 60 minutes). The timeout value in both instances must match. The 2 instances look like this:
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