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CMS-XML Agile help may point to old version of online help file on certain screens.
Agile help may point to old version of online help file on certain screens.
CMS-XML How can you make Agile not check the browser version you're using to login with?
How can you make Agile not check the browser version you're using to login with?
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
Each version is listed. For more details, click on the link for the version you are interested in.
CMS-XML External mashup events give error in alfeventmanager.log.
This issue can affect any product that sends external alf events to SBM and doesn't include a username or password in the event ( sends events anonymously ). This issue mostly affects users who may have upgraded SBM to a version after 10.1. In versions of SBM prior to 10.1 SBM would accept anonymous external alf events but after 10.1 the default is to not accept anonymous events and require authentication.
CMS-XML Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error
This may be an issue with the way users were imported / created in SBM. Perhaps, this is caused by an upgrade from an old version of TeamTrack. Check the TS_TIMEPREFERENCES column in the TS_USERS table in the Application Engine database for the user. The only valid values for TS_TIMEPREFERENCES are 0 or 1. If you have any other value in TS_TIMEPREFERENCES, replace it with a 0 or 1.
CMS-XML How to upgrade from Agile 2010 R1 or Agile 2010 R2 to Agile Planner 2.3
Launch the Agile Administration tool, and note the information for each of the connections listed on the login screen. Uninstall the existing version of Agile. Delete the \Serena\Agile folder.
CMS-XML When opening Documents Manager Administration, PPM Administration, or Agile Administration tool error "ConnectFailure.; Unable to connect to the remote server"
ISSUE 1: Wrong version of ASP.NET Open the IIS Administration Console Open the Properties where the Web Site that the Mariner/Agile virtual directory resides (by default, it is the Default Web Site).
CMS-XML How to upgrade a Agile 2009 R3 installation to Agile 2010 R1, or Agile 2010 R2, or Agile Planner 2.3
The database schema must be updated to match the version of Agile to which you are upgrading. To upgrade the database schema to Agile 2010 R1 follow these steps:
CMS-XML About deleting users from Mariner/PPM or Agile Planner
Marking users as inactive does not remove them from the UI in Agile Planner or older versions of PPM. They will still show in the various dropdown lists and screens. In PPM 10.2, many of the screens were updated to filter out inactive users.

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