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CMS-XML How to upgrade a Agile 2009 R3 installation to Agile 2010 R1, or Agile 2010 R2, or Agile Planner 2.3
Click the New Query button on the toolbar. When the window opens, make sure that the correct database is selected at the top in the dropdown box.
CMS-XML How do I get a list of all Agile items that have documents attached as well as the path on the file system in the doc store repository?
By altering the following sql to match your database names it will show all the items in the docstore as well as the corresponding file system path . SELECT obj_UID as Item_ID ,obj_Name as Agile_Item_Name ,'root_'+ Cast(doc_RootFolderID as nvarchar(100)) as Doc_Root, Cast(doc_GUID as nvarchar(100)) + doc_FileName as SubFolder, doc_FileName as Original_Filename
CMS-XML SQL to show all license counts as well as remaining licenses.
FROM PES_License Now run the following two queries for each license type that was returned in the first query substituting XX with the lic_UID values in the first query . SELECT COUNT(*) as Total
CMS-XML Agile help may point to old version of online help file on certain screens.
To fix this run the two sql scripts against the agile database. update PES_DesignerForm set dfm_Layout=REPLACE(Cast(dfm_Layout as nvarchar(max)),'appVersion=2009.03.00.9999','appVersion=2010.01.00.9999') update PES_DesignerForm set dfm_Layout=REPLACE(Cast(dfm_Layout as nvarchar(max)),'','')
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Product Lifecycle page lists each product release, its status and the end of support date. Start at the Product Lifecycle page. Search for you product in the dropdown list.
CMS-XML How to delete your Web User Settings
If the user's settings seem to be causing display issues, you can delete the settings from the database using the command below. NOTE: SQL scripts should be run by your DBA
CMS-XML Clicking the "Copy URL" link should only put the link in the clipboard not open a new window.
If you do a search for a work item and get some results back. You can right click on one of the items and one of the options is "Copy URL" Clicking on that link should just copy the url to that item to the clipboard which it does but it also opens a window to that item. Why?
CMS-XML What's New or Getting Started screen shows error in Agile about Object Not Set to Reference or 404 file or directory not found.
Check to see if the value exists first but maybe is just the wrong value. Run the following sql against the database.
CMS-XML How to change the Agile client timeout
On your server, navigate to the installation directory, by default this is C:\Program Files\Serena\Agile\Agile. Find the Web.config, and open it in notepad. Search for: timeout=”20”.
CMS-XML How to manually uninstall Agile
Within this folder, search for the word "serena". This will allow you to quickly find the Serena keys inside this folder. All of the keys will start with "C:\Program Files\Serena\Agile".
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