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CMS-XML What's New or Getting Started screen shows error in Agile about Object Not Set to Reference or 404 file or directory not found.
If this key is there but refers to "" run the following sql statement to adjust the url.
CMS-XML How to delete your Web User Settings
How to delete your Web User Settings
CMS-XML About deleting users from Mariner/PPM or Agile Planner
About deleting users from Mariner/PPM or Agile Planner
CMS-XML docstore is not cleaned up after file is deleted
docstore is not cleaned up after file is deleted
CMS-XML How do you link directly to an epic, story or task in Agile?
If you need to reference an epic, story or task outside of Agile, it may be easiest to use a link directly to the item. Beginning in Agile Planner 2.3, you can right click on any item, and choose "Copy URL". This will put a short URL in your clipboard.
CMS-XML How to manually uninstall Agile
Serena Agile Scheduler Service Delete the following registry folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Installer\Products\062AF94D598181448BE5C22AD2EB78C6
CMS-XML SQL to show all license counts as well as remaining licenses.
The PPM or Agile Admin tool may show you have X number of licenses available but when you try to add a user to a license it may say you don't have any left. The following sql statements can be run against the database to help troubleshoot where the discrepancy may be.
CMS-XML Default values are not set for imported data
Work around: The user needs to manually update the imported items, or delete the imported items, update the spreadsheet to fill in these columns, and reimport the data.
CMS-XML Import tool doesn't save values when children are imported at the same time.
2. Notice after you import that the Estimated Effort field on the story is blank but the excel file should have made it 10 3. If you delete the items you imported and import again but this time set the task to false in the excel file so it doesn't import. 4. Import again and notice the Story will have an Estimated Effort value.
CMS-XML How to install the Serena Business Manager to Agile Connector on Windows 2008 (IIS7)
Click OK There is probably an application that got created during the install called "Default Application2" You can right click on that and delete it. To test your work navigate a browser to the following location on the Agile server and the Web Service definition should show up.
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