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CMS-XML Url link from a notification doesn't load item
Url link from a notification doesn't load item
CMS-XML Datasheet: When toggle filter to be off, no items are displayed on the report
Datasheet: When toggle filter to be off, no items are displayed on the report
CMS-XML Sprint and Team fields are not cleared out when Work Item is moved out of Sprint
1. Create a Work Item in a linked Agile Release. The Work Item is replicated into the SBM Project
CMS-XML Using SBM to Agile report mover you get an error "All Items" was not created because: Creating or Mapping Agile Work Items failed.
You will get this error if you try to move an SBM item with the report mover with a Sprint selected on the Right side of the screen as the target in the drop down. The purpose of the report mover tool is to move items into Product Backlogs, Release Backlogs or Backlogs under a Product and not straight into a Sprint. After moving the items to one of these backlogs you would then use Agile to put the items into Sprints.
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
Make sure the item type mappings are done for both sides. For example the following mapping will map a Agile "Story" to an SBM "Enhancement Request"
CMS-XML How does the My Work view work using the "My Work List" widget. Why does it show items I don't own?
The My Work module that by default shows on the Home tab in Agile uses the "My Work List" widget. That widget is hard coded to show items where you are set to any of the following attributes.
CMS-XML How do I get a list of all Agile items that have documents attached as well as the path on the file system in the doc store repository?
By altering the following sql to match your database names it will show all the items in the docstore as well as the corresponding file system path. SELECT obj_ UID as Item _ID ,obj_Name as Agile_ Item _Name ,'root_'+ Cast(doc_RootFolderID as nvarchar(100)) as Doc_Root, Cast(doc_GUID as nvarchar(100)) + doc_FileName as SubFolder, doc_FileName as Original_Filename
CMS-XML Notification type "work item" should be removed
This is not a valid type in Agile. Instead, Agile uses "item" notifications.
CMS-XML Pie chart gives error "Input string was not in a correct format"
1) Create a new work item datasheet. Be sure it has the following setup:
CMS-XML Get this error in Orchestration Workflow log from Agile to SBM integration "Unable to find selection operand value: XXX"
You see the following error when troubleshooting the Agile to SBM integration. "Unable to find selection operand value: XXX" Where XXX is the name of the item type that is trying to be created.
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