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CMS-XML Document view does not work correctly when added to a story
You can attach, check out , check in, update, and view the files just find. But, you cannot enter any of the supporting information. In other words, you can't enter a title or description.
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
Make sure the item type mappings are done for both sides. For example the following mapping will map a Agile "Story" to an SBM "Enhancement Request"
CMS-XML Some users get email notifications while others do not
Check the following screens:
CMS-XML The Orchestration Engine cannot send the Web service request at Service step SAC_GetMapRecordForProductAndRelease with Agile Connector
The Orchestration Engine cannot send the Web service request at Service step SAC_GetMapRecordForProductAndRelease to the endpoint defined as http://agileserver/SerenaConnectors/SerenaAgileConnector.asmx . You should verify that the definition is correct and that the server is responding.
CMS-XML How can you make Agile not check the browser version you're using to login with?
Change the value of that key to "true" in order for the browser check to not happen. Save your changes You don't need to restart IIS for this change to take place.
CMS-XML When opening Documents Manager Administration, PPM Administration, or Agile Administration tool error "ConnectFailure.; Unable to connect to the remote server"
Click on the ASP.NET tab Make sure the ASP.NET version has 2.0 selected and not 1.0. ISSUE 2: Double entry in web.config
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Give the queue a name, for example "mariner" or "agile". Do not check the Transactional box.
CMS-XML What's New or Getting Started screen shows error in Agile about Object Not Set to Reference or 404 file or directory not found.
Check to see if the value exists first but maybe is just the wrong value. Run the following sql against the database.
CMS-XML How to move configuration changes from staging environment to production environment
Copy the production data to the test environment AND the staging environment. (This is done to ensure that all information matches production.)
CMS-XML Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error
This may be an issue with the way users were imported / created in SBM. Perhaps, this is caused by an upgrade from an old version of TeamTrack. Check the TS_TIMEPREFERENCES column in the TS_USERS table in the Application Engine database for the user. The only valid values for TS_TIMEPREFERENCES are 0 or 1. If you have any other value in TS_TIMEPREFERENCES, replace it with a 0 or 1.
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