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CMS-XML MVR In Mover, if you setup a dimensions source, and go to the 'deploy files' tab, and pick a baseline. It will allow you to pick the baseline, but upon hitting ok, nothing happens.
NOTE: The attached self-extracting executable must be downloaded to a Windows machine. Once the patch has been extracted, the unzipped files can be moved to the appropriate operating system running Mover, including Windows, Solaris, Linux, or HPUX.
CMS-XML MVR 2.0: When deploy a VM sub-project, Mover automatically creates folders for the VM parent project
The next time you run a deploy, look at the deploy log carefully, you will see the batch file run and the files move. ****DISCLAIMER**** "The code is provided to Customer "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited
CMS-XML MVR 1.0: When deploy a VM sub-project, Mover automatically creates folders for the VM parent project
This should match the "project" field on the Deploy Files tab of the Custom Root screen. EXCEPT, you should not include the beginning forward slash. In other words, if the "project" field contains "/MyProject/MySub", then change "bridge" to be "MyProject/MySub"
CMS-XML MVR: Mover 2.3 new feature requirements to integate with Dimensions and Version Manager.
An option has been added to allow Version Manager users to decide whether you want the Version Manager project name to be created as a folder on the resulting file system as part of the moved files. This option is on the Deploy | Setup | Source screen in Mover.
CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
This article explains the steps necessary to move an existing Mover installation to another server. Things to consider before moving Serena Mover to a different computer. If possible install Mover to the same directory path and location as on the previous install including drive letter.
CMS-XML MVR 2.2: Increased SFTP support, Dimensions deploy improvements, Password encryption for Deploy Agent, Mozilla timeout fix
Find the directory where the Mover command line is installed. This directory will contain a movercommandline.jar file.
CMS-XML MVR Fixed issue with moving extra files when multiple maps were in one package. Added ability to copy project, change multiple Dimensions source passwords at one time.
In some circumstances, when deploying a source to multiple destinations as part of a deployment package, the wrong files may have been deployed. This defect has been fixed.
CMS-XML MVR 2.2.1: Fixes corruption of binary file transfer using SFTP
Review the remaining sections of the readme.txt for additional components that may need to be installed.
CMS-XML MVR: Pre or Post deployment command returns error " Peer bailed out suddenly"
DBG: HandlerRegistry.initializePlugins: loop! DBG: Adding plugin 'databasedeploy': A deployment component to handle the database deploy functionality. INF: New session started
MS-EXCEL Mover_2.3.0_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
I18N This tab adds a component "L", indicating the software is localized in that language. Otherwise, support for a given language refers to English version of the software
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