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CMS-XML Mover cannot deploy from VM File Server based Project Database when VM 8.2+ is installed on the Mover system
When using Mover with a Version Manager 8.2+ installation, attempts to deploy from a File Server-based Project Database ( PDB ) may fail with errors in the activity log similar to: 07:22:34 Jul.13.11 [Info] ----- ProjectDatabasePath -----
CMS-XML MVR: How to rebuild the admin and project databases
MVR: How to rebuild the admin and project databases
CMS-XML MVR Various fixes to Mover and earlier
This patch has the following fixes for Mover: VM 821J & Mover 2.3 Integration Issue: Cannot deploy PDB from VM File Server
CMS-XML MVR Scheduled Mover job did not run
Scheduled Mover job did not run (Mover now checks to make sure no erroneous years are saved causing scheduled Mover deploys to not deploy) Mover fixes - * VM 821J & Mover 2.3 Integration Issue: Cannot deploy PDB from VM File Server
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''Login Failed. Merant:login failed.'' for all users other than Admin
VM must be installed on the Mover server. A good test is to log into VM from the Mover server and verify that the PDB can be opened.
CMS-XML MVR: VM: How to get Mover to fetch archives based on a promotion group, and force it to travel up the promotion model
This is easiest to describe using an example. In this example, the Version Manager Project Database ( PDB ) looks like this:
CMS-XML MVR: The command indicates that an error occurred during execution. Exit value: 255 How to setup Version Manager source. VM
The following image may help the most in troubleshooting this error. Using the sample project database that ships with Version Manager the following settings should reflect those in your project.
CMS-XML VM to Mover 1.0 migration. Moving to new server. Login failed errors.
Mover - Mover | System | users and groups | Authentication setup - Make sure the installation path and project database have the correct paths. If they do not, you will consistently get a login error, even if you are able to login as admin (but no one else).
CMS-XML Mover 2.x / is it possible to export users project permissions in "batch" mode ?
There is no way to do this easily. This is nothing to do with the admin db, as project permissions are stored inside each project db . There is no guarantee that base permission definitions in the tables would be the same in each project, so there's no guarantee that even if you could export enough from one db it is highly likely that loading those into another db would give completely different results (if it worked at all ).
CMS-XML MVR: Failed to open project tree: in deploy activity log of Mover. Exit value: 1
Verify the User id specified in the VM Authentication box is a member of the Version Manager project database and the User id has permissions to log into the project database and to get files. If the Mover VM source is set to apply a label after the move make sure the user id also has apply label permissions in Version Manger.
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