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CMS-XML MVR: Post deploy command gives "Non zero return value returned for source"
Try running the command using these variations: (using valid paths for your server, of course) sh -c /opt/ script / /usr/bin/sh -c /opt/script/
CMS-XML MVR: MCLG: An input/output error occurred while executing command Non zero return value returned for source Local: 255
This error occurs in the deploy log if the path to the script defined for the pre deploy or post deploy commands in the deploy agent aren't valid for the deploy agent to run. It's important that if the script is set to run on the target server via the deploy agent then that script actually lives on the target server and not the Mover or Collage server. The script then needs to be called as the path exists on the computer where the agent is running.
CMS-XML MVR: Pre or Post deployment command returns error " Peer bailed out suddenly"
Check the context path definition field and ensure the location defined already exists on the server running the Deploy Agent and the correct permissions are allocated based on the user that the Deploy Agent runs as. Another thing to check is to enter the call to the script in the deploy setup as: Windows: cmd /c c:\myFolder\myScript.bat
CMS-XML Get "The syntax of the command is incorrect." error after upgrade.
In our evaluation of the problem the issue may be the result of how we are manipulating the system environment variables. According to this kb doc from microsoft the envrionment variables need to be in alphabetical order but the output of the "Set" command shows the variables in all kinds of order after patching to which consequently means you can't override one of the variables with your own set command in a script . The variable that seems to be hurting us most is this one.
CMS-XML MVR 2.0+: How to use Mover to pull source code, build the code, and then deploy only the resulting binaries
Mover will not build binaries itself, but it can run any batch/ script file that you create. To force the build during the deploy process, first you will need to create a batch/ script file that will compile the source. If the compiled binaries should be copied to the destination but not any of the source files, you will also need to code this into the batch file.
CMS-XML MVR: VM: How to get Mover to fetch archives based on a promotion group, and force it to travel up the promotion model
The userid and password for the script to run as. For example, if the userid is “admin” and the password is “secret”, enter “admin:secret”
CMS-XML MVR: After deploy, log gives error; ''Storage.TaskCompletionStatus-SQLState(JZ006),SQLException:JZ006''
The change needs to be made to the "" script in the "mover" directory. The single line to be modified looks like this :

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