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CMS-XML MVR 1.0: When deploy a VM sub-project, Mover automatically creates folders for the VM parent project
This should match the "project" field on the Deploy Files tab of the Custom Root screen. EXCEPT, you should not include the beginning forward slash. In other words, if the "project" field contains "/MyProject/MySub", then change "bridge" to be "MyProject/MySub"
CMS-XML Get "The syntax of the command is incorrect." error after upgrade.
5. Run the deploy and make sure it runs without error. Look at the status field when it's done and it should have changed to MyStatus
CMS-XML MVR: VM: How to get Mover to fetch archives based on a promotion group, and force it to travel up the promotion model
Edit the custom root. On the Deploy Files tab, fill in fields with the same information used while editing the .bat files.
CMS-XML MVR: Failed to open project tree: in deploy activity log of Mover. Exit value: 1
Edit the VM Source that is specified in the Mover Package getting the error. ... In the Project Database field in the Mover VM source verify the path looks like it does when you log into the Version Manager GUI on the Mover box.
CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
... version of Mover edit either of the ... ... and saving your changes . ... db in this field . Don't change anything else but ... ... Source screen and edit the first Source ... - Edit the "Client ... ... make sure to modify the way the ... ... the license key field leave it blank ... ... version of Mover edit either of the ... ... and saving your changes . ... Servers screen and edit the existing database ... ... and Host Name field match the host ... ... If not, change them to match ... Change the Database Path ... Change the option for ... ... the list to edit it. Change the path to ...
CMS-XML MVR: Deploy log gives error "Successfully executing command: "/runvmcm.bat" -v /NASTask1/32.xml. The system cannot find the path specified."
Edit the Version Manager source you are working with. ... Check the "Client Install Path" field .
CMS-XML MVR: How to change the Mover Agent password or port after installation.
dd.password=<enter new password here> dd.encypted=<enter 0 here, this will be changed to a 1 when the agent is restarted which means the value is encrypted> for example
CMS-XML MVR: Exit value 3 path not found when moving files. The system cannot find the path specified
The client install path setting for the deploy source is most likely wrong. 1. Go to the Deploy | Setup | Source screen and edit the Source you're trying to use 2. Look at the Client Install Path setting and make sure it's set to the following.
CMS-XML MVR: The command indicates that an error occurred during execution. Exit value: 255 How to setup Version Manager source. VM
The other settings can be adjusted as need be but using a Version Label of 1.0 will by default retrieve every file in the project. More information on the other settings can be found by clicking help on this screen.
CMS-XML MVR: at pvcs.vmcm.CheckOut.setVMflatten Exit value: 1 error during move.
Note: After upgrading Mover to Mover 2.2 edit each of the VM sources for each project and simply click OK. This causes the new "flatten option" to get set in the database with either a Yes or No value instead of a null value.
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