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CMS-XML MVR: VM: How to get Mover to fetch archives based on a promotion group, and force it to travel up the promotion model
MVR: VM: How to get Mover to fetch archives based on a promotion group , and force it to travel up the promotion model
CMS-XML Mover to VM integration deploy does not report errors when accessing files in VM
Client has setup a VM source using a user in VM that is NOT a super user and just has permissions to log in and get copies of files. However, some files have access lists in VM and this user being used can't access it. The solution is to use a VM user that is a 'superuser'.
CMS-XML VM to Mover 1.0 migration. Moving to new server. Login failed errors.
Mover - Mover | System | users and groups | Authentication setup - Make sure the installation path and project database have the correct paths. If they do not, you will consistently get a login error, even if you are able to login as admin (but no one else).
CMS-XML MVR: How to run Mover as a service and be able to deploy to UNC file shares.
Identify a domain user account that has access to the UNC share. Add this account to the local Administrator group on the Mover server. On the Mover server open the Properties of the Merant-Mover-Tomcat service or Serena-Mover-Tomcat depending on the version of Mover and select the Log On tab.
CMS-XML MVR: How to delete a Mover project so it can be re-created
Go to System | Authentication Server, and delete the Authentication Server. Go to System | Setup | Project, and delete the project. Go to System | Users and Groups , and delete the associated Group .
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''This server is not connected to the administration database encoded in the license key. You cannot open any projects unless the admin database host and the host encoded in the license key match exactly.''
Notice the dropdown option called "Users and Groups ". Change this to be "Setup"
CMS-XML MVR: ./ug8ykh0.ser (Permission denied) running mover as different user than vm
whether he's in a group that has write access or the world has write access here that's where the .ser file is attempting to be written.
CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
Log into the existing install of Mover, using the Administration option. Click the System | Users and Groups | Users submenu. Click the export icon.
CMS-XML MVR: Error ''Login Failed. Merant:login failed.'' for all users other than Admin
Log into Mover as admin/admin. Go to System | Users and Groups | Authentication Servers. Edit the project for this PDB.
CMS-XML MVR: After deploy, log gives error; ''Storage.TaskCompletionStatus-SQLState(JZ006),SQLException:JZ006''
Once the existing service has been removed, re-install the service with the updated settings by entering "mover sybase-installservice" at the DOS prompt while in the "ChangeMan Mover" directory. Once the service is installed, start it using the "mover sybase-startservice" option, or from the Serena ChangeMan Mover program group in the Windows "start" menu, or from the "services" option in the Administrative Tools menus.
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