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CMS-XML MVR: How to install Mover to another server and move the existing projects.
... install directory, copy the "Projects ... = Copy path ... db in this field . Repeat steps 20 - ... - Repeat these steps for ... ... the license key field leave it blank ... When you copy your existing admin ... ... install directory, copy the "Admin ... = Copy path ... Verifiy that the Name and Host Name field match the host of the new Mover server. ... Repeat steps 17-21 for each project you have loaded. ... - Repeat these steps for each Source in each Project you have loaded.
CMS-XML MVR Fixed issue with moving extra files when multiple maps were in one package. Added ability to copy project, change multiple Dimensions source passwords at one time.
This patch has the following fixes for Mover: You can now copy a Mover project. You can now change passwords for multiple Dimensions sources at one time.
CMS-XML Mover to VM integration deploy does not report errors when accessing files in VM
Client has setup a VM source using a user in VM that is NOT a super user and just has permissions to log in and get copies of files. However, some files have access lists in VM and this user being used can't access it. The solution is to use a VM user that is a 'superuser'.
CMS-XML How do you tell what _data.db file a Sybase database is using.
The three files are xxx.db, xxx.log and xxx_data.db In the past customers have though if they just copy all three files on the file system and just call them yyy.db, yyy.log and yyy_data.db that would make a copy of the project and they could load it.
CMS-XML How to get output logs from the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Do that action that causes the Java error. Highlight everything in the Java Console window and Copy it to a text file.
CMS-XML General: Create large files quickly for testing purposes
UNIX/Linux: You can use the command dd to copy a specific number of bytes from the input device /dev/zero. To create a 10GB file, use the following:
CMS-XML MVR 2.0+: How to use Mover to pull source code, build the code, and then deploy only the resulting binaries
where DeploySourceName is the name of the Source (Deploy | Setup | Source) used during the deploy. Step 2: Any files in the temporary directory are copied to the destination location.
CMS-XML How to change the log level in Mover and where to find the log file ?
1: There is an "Log" icon besides the "Log Setup" icon. Click Log icon will open the log message window, you can copy the content and paste to a text file, then send this file to Serena.
CMS-XML MVR: Mover 2.3 new feature requirements to integate with Dimensions and Version Manager.
Copy the resulting compressed file to the opperating system where Mover is installed, and uncompress the file. Copy the resulting prog\* files to the Dimension directory at <Dim_Install>\prog\ IMPORTANT:
CMS-XML MVR: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Serena\vm\common\bin\win32\pvcsjvms.dll: The operating system cannot run %1
The following error is a result of having Crystal Reports installed on the same box as Version Manager. The way around this is to copy the version of libeay32.dll that is shipped with the Version Manager product from <install dir>\vm\common\bin\win32
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